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The healthcare industry and its ever-changing advancements

Innovative marketing strategies for healthcare industry benefits to provide rich and relevant brand content, increase customer interaction & digital presence.

The healthcare industry and its ever-changing advancements

Tuesday March 27, 2018,

3 min Read


The healthcare industry is constantly facing advancement in terms of technology in order to provide optimum services to patients. Not just that, the industry is also enhancing itself by incorporating a healthcare marketing strategy and collaborating with digital marketing agencies. Healthcare brands are using the best digital marketing in India so as to ensure a convenient experience to patients, where they can make an informed healthcare decision on their own.

People in the age group of 18 to 24 year-olds are more than 2 times likely than 45 to 54 year-olds to discuss health-related things on social media.

Here are some relevant statistics –

- More than 40% of consumers say that information found through social media affects the way they deal with their health

- As per Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group, 41% of people reported that social media would affect their choice of a specific medical facility, hospital, or a doctor.

- Google’s Think Insights has shows 119% year-over-year increase in YouTube traffic to hospital sites.

- 90% of respondents, aged 18-24 years said they would trust medical information shared by people on their social media networks (Search Engine Watch)

- 19% of owners of a smartphone have at least one health app on their phone.

- According to a recent study conducted by Mediabistro, 54% of patients are more comfortable with their providers seeking advice from online communities to treat their problems.

Some of the innovative healthcare marketing strategies are as follows –

Voice search is the use of digital assistants such as Siri, google home etc. which have taken SEO to a whole new level. Patients can address their questions as if they were asking the doctor directly. Comscore predicts that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be via voice search

Chatbots are revolutionizing brand-customer interaction. ‘Chattiest’ provides a quick and measurable touchpoint with patients by being able to assess symptoms, offer appropriate resources, provide insurance information etc. This is the future of search, shopping, booking appointments or any type of customer service for that matter.

Personalization is an important way to make the patients digital experience pleasing. By creating an integration of systems where all their needs are met with the help of that one app- be it for bookings, billing, patient records etc. This ensures a smooth, unified experience for the patient.


The brand is an advantage that healthcare systems have. They are able to establish strong brand equity because of the kind of service they provide. The content a brand provides will be the largest touch point with patients.

Customer relationship management, which has been an essential part of numerous other industries too, will be adopted by healthcare industries since the tracking and storage of customer data has proven to be beneficial.

Other ways to improve healthcare digital marketing is to have an easy website, so that the experience is convenient and relaxed, and to have an informative blog with rich and relevant content, resourceful email, educational videos or audiobooks.