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5 ways to land your dream job through campus placement

How can you (the student) make the recruiting company want to take you more than you want to join them

Wednesday January 04, 2017,

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Getting a job through campus placement is one of the dreams that most students aspire for. When there are thousands of students available for those few dream companies and jobs, how can you ensure that you are one among the candidates that the company would do anything to on-board ? Consider the fact that if you do not get a "decent job" through the campus placement, you are out there in the big wild world without the knowledge of how to approach or secure the job of your choice. 

Here are some of the pointers to woo your dream company - 

1. Know your passion : If you are passionate about your subject, you will do more than what is required to build expertise. It is not just the classroom training or the books recommended by the college, but you will go out , seek the internet , find the best available content and also experiment with it to understand the subject better than anyone else. The expertise is visible in every conversation, every interaction that you have. 

2. Understand the hiring process: You need to understand the hiring process to know each elimination round. You need to know what are the filters and what will you need to go past those filters. Every elimination round will necessarily have to be cleared before you stand a chance to be interviewed by the hiring company. For example, most of the IT companies hiring in bulk use aptitude test to filter candidates. Product companies add a technical test to further filter candidates. This is followed by group discussion (to understand your command over the language) and the last one is a personal interview. 

3. Build your Resume: Your resume is not built on paper but by the work you do over a period of time. If you like programming, show your love for programming by continuing to code throughout your college life. Contribute to open source projects, build your code base on github and generate a good rank for yourself on sites like stackoverflow. These are tangible items that build your resume and that you can share with your interviewers to showcase your work. 

4. Be Genuine : Choose an organization that fits your style. If you intend to grow fast, choose a smaller size organization. Large companies tend to have processes around growth and identifying talent. They may not be able to cope with your speed of growth. Do not try to fit yourself to all kinds of organizations just because you are in need of a job. Your first job has a huge impact on your career.

5. Appreciate the cost of failure: Once you acknowledge the cost of failure, you will take every effort to be successful. If the written test is the elimination test is the first filter, make sure you do not get filtered. Else you will never get an opportunity to showcase your talent, however talented you may be. Prepare as much as you can and also measure your preparation against others. Put yourself in an environment that helps you prepare for the ultimate test that will be taken by the company.We, at hiringtests.in offer best in class preparation tests that will help you clear the first level of filter put by all recruiting organizations. (Disclaimer: I am part of the hiringtests team).

 Building your own company and being your own boss is better than any job and we continue to encourage students to be entrepreneurs. However, if you would like to prepare for the campus placements coming to your college, reach out to us and we will be able to help you preparing for it at  https://hiringtests.in