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10 Strategies for Keeping Your Remote Team Happy

Your staff aren’t always in front of you. In fact, it’s quite probable that some of them are in a different country entirely.

Friday October 06, 2017,

5 min Read

Working remotely has its ups and downs.

Today’s internet-based businesses are run very differently to conventional companies. Your staff aren’t always in front of you. In fact, it’s quite probable that some of them are in a different country entirely.

This calls for lots of patience, better communication and a few well thought out strategies that can help you and your team work better as a unit.

Today I want to alert you to something you may or may not know. There are 10 things that you should be focusing on regarding your staff. These 10 management techniques will either make or break your relationship with your staff.

It’s all about what your staff respond to. So here are 10 things every employee responds to in a positive (and ultimately productive) way.

Money Talks

Let’s be honest for a minute. Money matters.

How much you pay your staff heavily depends on what you can afford and how much value they bring to your team.

But it’s important not to try and get away with paying as little as possible. It may sound like business sense, but ultimately it’s more detrimental.

Staff who get paid less than they’re worth will not stay long. They will not work as hard. And they will not strive for a promotion. In the end, this does damage to your company.

So pay your staff well and you’ll reap the benefits.

Boredom is Dangerous

Boredom ends careers! There, I said it.

If your staff are not challenged in their jobs, they will not enjoy them. We all think we want easy jobs, but what we really want is to feel fulfilled. We want to feel as if we’re making an impact on the world around us.

So make sure your staff are challenged. They should constantly be learning. If not, they will leave for a job that does challenge them.

Empowered Staff

As a business owner, you have all the power. But the only way you’re going to get decent value from your staff is if you share that power with them.

Sounds a little scary, right? Well, it’s not actually that bad. Let me explain.

Staff want to feel as if they are part of your business. And while they may not own shares in your business, they should feel as if they have a vested interest in it.

When your staff feel empowered, they will work harder to bring about the success of the business. Tasks could include email control, website functionality assistance, or obtaining comments from other employees.

Let them know that they have control over many of the tasks you give them—no matter how small they may seem.

Why Some People Do More than Expected

Ever noticed how some workers are more driven than others? There’s a reason for that.

When a worker feels appreciated he or she will do more than is expected of them. If you want more staff who take the initiative, it may be time to implement a reward program for your staff.

At the very least, tell your staff they are appreciate. Let them know that what they do has an impact on your business. Employees stay when they’re appreciated. Full stop!

Work is an Adventure

Each day has potential. The potential to be really awesome, or the potential to suck!

Some of your workers may hate their jobs without you even knowing it. This could be due in part to a lack of purpose.

Employees need to feel as if they are on a mission. If there’s no mission, they will have nothing to work towards.

Create projects that are fully attainable and add an initiative program to motivate your workers to reach the goals you’ve set for them.

Being Heard and Staying Involved

If you asked me what I hate most about corporate, I’d answer with one word. Cliques!

If your company has cliques operating, you may begin to see staff become unhappy. That’s because they feel like outsiders from the company culture.

But when staff feel involved and part of a team—a team that isn’t actively estranging them—they will be happier, more productive and more determined to grow within your company.

A Sense of Value

I hope you realize something. There’s more to valuing someone than paying them a lot of money.

Employees who feel valued are more likely to work hard for your business. You can show your workers that you value them by:

Telling them that you do

Showing them you do by treating them with respect

Asking them for their opinion on small and large decisions

Taking suggestions about work procedures from them

The Issue of Trust

They say trust is earned, and they’re right. But when it comes to staff, I think it works a little differently.

I believe that trust is a default when you hire a new person. That person has been given the responsibility of performing tasks to the best of their ability. They are also tasked with having work ethic, integrity and a basic moral code.

Should they break that trust you have the right to treat them with suspicion. But until then, never make a staff member feel as if they must prove their loyalty to you. Trust your staff and watch them try hard not to let you down.

Every Worker is Your Student

The best teachers in the world have a genuine desire to see their students surpass them. As a business owner, you are a teacher and your workers are your students.

So keep teaching and training them. as long as they feel they are still growing, you will rarely lose staff members because of work dissatisfaction.

Let’s Talk About Growth

What every person wants for their career is growth. Some want growth in salary, others want growth in in reputation.

Give them both and you’ll quickly see that growing your staff is directly related to growing your company. So if you want to grow, make sure they’re growing too.