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8 health checkups that are a must for all women

Women’s health is very important to nurture her family life and survive in her professional life in a healthy way. The blog summarizes various health checkups every woman must undergo to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

8 health checkups that are a must for all women

Friday April 27, 2018,

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Women Health Checkup<br>

Women Health Checkup

Women are a gift of God. The strength that God has given to them is like no other. It is only women who have the potential to nurture a family, manage professional life, carry a human being for nine months and giving life to a newborn. With their innumerable duties, they are often found juggling between personal and professional life, which leads to an array of health problems they encounter, but fail to give it a priority, ultimately become a victim of bigger health issues as they grow old. With the evolution of medicine, thankfully there have emerged a mass variety of health checkups designed exclusively for women. A preventive women health checkup is as vital as taking care of all the assets one has in life.

We bring forth a list of 8 health checkups that every woman must undertake as early as possible,

1. Breast cancer checkup

Most women aging between 50-74 undergo this critical illness and one in five women are at a risk of developing this kind of illness, as she grows. This makes mammogram a crucial health checkup that women must undergo every year to ensure they are or not at a risk of the deadly disease.

2. Blood pressure checkup

A blood pressure that is usually below 120/80 is considered as abnormal. This makes a blood pressure checkup extremely vital for women who are indulged in physical work or take up stress very often. Stress, obesity, extra salt intake all can lead up to blood pressure problems.

3. Dental checkup

Oral health is equally important as overall health. A dental checkup is a must for every grown woman to ensure her teeth are always pain-free, germ-free and do not develop cracked, injured or black teeth. Usually, regular dental checkups incorporate a series of X-rays which are ideal for identifying in any early signs of decaying of teeth.

4. Cervical Cancer Checkup

This is a growing disease in today’s women. Due to improper lifestyle, hereditary issues, and various other causes, cervical cancer has been spotted in 1 in every 5 women. Owing to this, women are recommended to get a complete pelvic examination test done as they turn 21 and when sexually active.

5. Thyroid Health Checkup

Unexplained weight gain- this is a common issue most women bring forth today. Doctors recommend the common cause of weight gain is an underactive thyroid. The thyroid is prone to women after they conceive which is why a thyroid health checkup is a must to be taken every six months.

6. Lipid Profile Test

Again, due to improper lifestyle, most women tend to develop a cholesterol issue which calls for a Lipid Profile Test. This test is one of the best health checkups that are good enough in detecting complete cholesterol levels. If one’s levels are higher, lipid profile test is recommended to be done in every 6 months.

7. Diabetes Checkup

Diabetes or commonly known as a sugar problem is not caused only because one has an excessive sugar intake. However, if one is over-weight, feels fatigue, has obesity, and many other symptoms, a diabetes checkup is mandatory. Diabetes has irreversible effects on the body if not treated on time. Women are suggested to take it every three years after turning 45.

8. Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D is known to protect the bones. Women who are overly stressed or engrossed in more of physical work are prone to attract the deficiency of Vitamin D. Aging women are often at a risk of developing this problem. This is why a regular Vitamin D test is recommended for all women.

If you happen to be one of those females, undergoing any of the above issues, the mentioned women health checkups can become your lifesaver.