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Women safety checklist and tips for a safe Navaratri


Women safety checklist and tips for a safe Navaratri

Saturday September 23, 2017,

5 min Read


The most eagerly waiting festival, especially for a woman, is on the way. Yes, friends, Navaratri 2017  will be knocking the door in very few days. Most of the girls are busy in finding the perfect traditional outfit for all nights and their matching jewelry. But girls, above all your own safety, is very important. If you are going alone for garba night then you must have to be safe. Even though you are going in a group you have to take care of your own safety. Everyone will be busy in dancing with music rhythms. Yes you will also able to play and download free Gujarati Garba 2017 from popular app Gujarat Gupshup.

There is a slogan : “Safety First”

Enjoyment is good when it is within safe boundaries. Enjoying garba dance until the late night is not bad but then you have to take responsibilities of your own self and your belongings. So, here We came up to help you to make your Navaratri safe and enjoyable by following these important safety tips and checklist.

First and foremost is personal safety. Follow these safety tips for your own safety.

1) Carry your phone:

Women are so busy in managing traditional attire that they forgot to carry a mobile with them. Carry your mobile in a hanging purse and put it on a ringing mode. So, you can contact to your parents and friends as well as they can contact you. Don’t separate your phone from you.

2) Install safety applications on your phone:

So many applications are made for girls safety. Use them. They are location finder and help you to know your parents where you are. 


3) Choose a cab over a public transport:

These cab services are boon for the ladies. Cab services are more safe as they track a record of destination place, arrival time etc. so parents and friends can easily trace you.


4) Don’t drink and eat anything offered by unknown:

Check properly what you are consuming. Avoid eating and drinking if you can’t find it proper. These would happen because you come across friends of friends and you wouldn’t know them personally.

5) Save some important numbers in your phone’s speed dial:

Save your local area police station number, parents, close friends and the most important 1091 women helpline  number. The Social worker Ruzan khambatta has started 1091 woman helpline number. Know how it works. You will get more safety tips and why it is so much important.


6) Carry a purse having self-defense instruments:

Self defence instruments like Chili spray, Pepper spray, Razor blade etc. So, you can immediately respond if someone try to harm you. Don’t forget to carry a flashlight in your purse during Navratri.

Now let’s talk about belongings safety. Most of the cell phones, keys, purse are lost during Navratri. So, take a good care of your belongings. Pickpockets and snatchers got their maximum business during Navratri. As girls are busy in matching steps with music they find it as opportunity.

Nowadays Garba dance venues are party plots. They will make best safe arrangements for garba players. But at last, they are not taking any responsibilities of lost belonging. Garba players have to take care them by their own. So, important and precious belongings have to be taken care of.

1) Give keys of the locked house to neighbors instead of carrying it:

Taking continuous care of keys is difficult while playing garba dance. So, you can give your locked house keys to neighbors. If you are living in a hostel room you can give it to the maiden.

2) Wear imitation jewelry:

Don’t wear real jewelry. It may be stolen in the crowd. It may cause you harm if snatchers are alongside you. Wear oxidized jewelry. There are very less chances of stolen oxidized jewelry. Pure imitation may misguide to snatchers and they try to steal them.

3) Install QTrace on your phone:

We can give locked house keys to neighbors but we have to carry vehicle keys along with us. We also have to carry a purse having some money, license etc. So, How to take care of those things. Here, QTrace will help you.


You are required to install QTrace application on your mobile phone. And you have to purchase a QTrace device from here now, attach a QTrace device to the belongings which you have to carry with you and you don’t want to lose. So, You can track your carried item by your mobile phone. You will be able to know the location of your belongings. So, if you engage in playing garba and your belongings will be stolen or misplaced you are able to check its location and get it back.

4) Carry only necessary things in purse:

Eject credit cards, PAN cards and other important documents which you keep in a purse regularly. Carry only necessary identification like driving license if you are going by personal vehicle.

5) Park your vehicle properly:

If your garba venue is a party plot then park your vehicle in a parking area. If you parked at the roadside or unsafely then there may be chances of breaking. And if you have to keep your important documents in the car it may get the loss.

In conclusion, the above safety tips are important for a Happy Navratri. Be responsible for your own safety and your belongings. Don’t allow anyone else for it. Because of safety matters the most.

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