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Innovation in inspiration

People who might not be gifted, but love the process and are absolutely committed to doing what they do, end up creating things that blow your mind.

Innovation in inspiration

Sunday March 11, 2018,

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In my experience I have seen that the most talented people are completely pointless, if they are not excited to do what they do every single day. And people who might not be gifted, but love the process and are absolutely committed to doing what they do, end up creating things that blow your mind. Hence, I saw the importance of working with people who are inspired, excited, curious, and forever hungry to learn. That might not always work in your favor. But if you truly believe in people, there is a possibility of infusing that energy into anyone.

Needless to say, it takes work.

Hence, everyday I wake up thinking of new ways to inspire a bunch of young people to fall in love with the world of digital design and strategy.

Some days, I succeed.

On the other days, it’s a task to get them pumped up with joy and excitement for what they do. In the process, I have “innovated” certain methods of doing this with a little more success.

1. Celebrate enthusiasm, not deliverables.

At some point I stopped talking about the deliverables or targets or anything else that is not a “trait”. As a process, we started celebrating people who were;

-Truly inspirational

-Collaborated beautifully

-Did a course beyond work

-Learnt something new

-Discovered something brilliant

-Shared a trend

-Analysed a problem beyond work

-Organized a learning session

2. Let there be friction

Most of the times in office environments, people end up spending everyday just trying to avoid friction. I’ve noticed that if you truly want people to collaborate, they need to feel free around each other, free enough to tell each other what they feel; even at the cost of some momentary friction.

Some of my best work has come from working with people who I have fought with relentlessly.

But the fact that we felt free to voice our opinions and did not try to adhere to the construct of a “professional” environment, aided to the success.

3. Make learning fun

Quizzes, competitions, prizes! If you feel that there is a way to make learning something new a fun activity, it is by literally making it fun. A quiz on UX laws in the most fun gamified fashion can make anybody and everybody excited to participate.




4. Beat stress with annoying positivity at all times.

A negative energy is way more contagious than a positive one.

Justine Musk says “Learn to deal with the amount of stress that would break most people.”

There are going to be days that you are absolutely down and out, but it becomes important to kill that feeling immediately because it can affect the vibe of a lot of people.

5. Work for greatness, not the money

People in their 20s do not work for money, they work for the possibility of a future that looks glorious.

Learning is the most important thing at that age. Find ways to bring learning opportunities to them EVERYDAY!

It’s a fuel that cannot be replaced with anything else.

Today, I believe that I work with extremely driven people who are inspired and want to achieve great things in life. If you ask me did any of the points above help in achieving that? I’d say maybe. But I keep trying, and will continue doing so.

Try them out and let me know if they work for you.