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Pointers to give your business the perfect logo

Take a look at these top pointers that would help your brand get the perfect logo.

Pointers to give your business the perfect logo

Thursday November 24, 2016,

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Are you looking to create the perfect corporate identity for your business? If yes, you have indeed landed into the right place.

Given this irrefutable fact that a logo either makes or breaks your business, you must execute an absolute sense of scrutiny to give your business the appropriate logo.

Primarily, it is a logo that occupies the top spot in any customer’s mind. So, you must try your might to give your brand/business the picture-perfect logo.

After all, a logo does speak a thousand words.

To help you in your quest, we at Brand Moustache have handpicked some exclusive pointers that you can keep in your mind as you look to craft the perfect logo for your business. Do look at these points and learn the tricks.


Nothing beats the age-old technique of research. So, the first step that you need to start with is customer research. Once you do the extensive research and once you have an understanding of your customers’ perceptions, you are good to go ahead with your logo design. In the initial phase, all that you need to do is extensively analyze the preference of your market. With that solid understanding , you must draft the initial versions of the logo. In that stage, it would be ideal for you to come up with 20-30 sketches of what you have in your mind.

Pro tip for a perfect logo

“Spend more time in doing the research and getting the pulse of the audience right. This will help you establish a solid base of what your ideal logo should look like.”



Any logo that is extravagant or any logo that seems to too meek may not strike the right chord with the audience. So, you must rummage through the palette of colours and choose the appropriate hue that will give your logo a sense of distinction and elegance. So, fighting out to make the best advantages of the colours should be etched into your mind. Hence, you must do an extensive study of the palette to give your logo a sense of perfection.

Pro tip for a perfect logo:

“Choose colours from the palette that complement each other. Ideally speaking, if you are looking for some casual colours, you can opt for orange or yellow.”



Like how the colours dictate your brand’s idea, the typography too is an essential factor which shapes your logo’s prominence. Ideally, you must try out different typographies and explore all possible typographies in the initial stage. After that, you must research on which typography best suits your brand. Once you select the ideal typography, you must also check the typography-colour quotient.

Brand Moustache’s tip for the perfect typography:

“While you work on the typography, you must ensure that the logo as well as the tagline gel. Also, if would indeed be refreshing if you could avoid all those typographies that are too clichéd.”



While free resources like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop may give you abundant scope to display all your creativity and use multiple filters, you must use your discretion to draw the line. If you look to enhance your logo using those tools, it is well and good, however, you must not make your logo look imposing and full of effects. Ideally, you must decide the quantum of effects that you wish to have in your logo and you must stay with that ideology through the creation of the logo.

Pro tip for a perfect logo:

” The key to a perfect logo lies in the simplicity that it has. So, if you are looking to create a logo that is going to resonate with the audience, you must keep it simple.”



Now that you know all the tricks that would lead you to a perfect logo, you will certainly wonder about one secret ingredient that would do all the difference. Ideally, thinking beyond the obvious would be that factor that would differentiate your logo.

So, you must dare to be different and must think of all the quirks and inimitable features that would give your logo the zing and vitality. So, you must look to be different and think beyond the obvious.

Pro tip for a perfect logo:

” You can go ahead and break away from the conventions. However, if you are not convinced, you can always switch back to the older route.”


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