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Reasons Behind Cloud Migration and the Right Time to Do It

Reasons Behind Cloud Migration and the Right Time to Do It

Tuesday July 31, 2018,

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Cloud is one of the most trending terms in the domain of computer science and technology. Before diving deeper into cloud migration, it is necessary to understand about cloud computing. Cloud computing is nothing but the distribution and delivery of computer software, databases and other things such as networking and servers over a web-based infrastructure known as a ‘cloud’. It is one of the groundbreaking breakthroughs made in the world of computers because of its versatility and resource efficiency. Cloud migration is a very important terminology linked directly to cloud computing. In simple words, cloud migration is the process of shifting the digital assets and software of an enterprise from local stations to ‘cloud’. This process is also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). In the present day scenario, corporations which are largely dependent on digital asset implement this process.

The process of migrating to the cloud requires a lot of expert analysis, planning, and accurate finishing. This is because every organization has its own scalability and cloud requirements. This ardent innovation has saved a lot of efforts and resources. Moreover, it is a more efficient way of asset utilization as compared to the traditional method.

The necessity of cloud migration

Cloud Migration has become a necessity for every enterprise because of ever-increasing data. Every business thrives on the user information of its clients and other sources of data. This requires a lot of maintenance efforts and resource management. Furthermore, the process of migrating to the cloud makes the access to digital assets even more convenient and flexible. Apart from the aforementioned reasons, cloud migration is very important for business firms because of its versatility. Any organization, irrespective of its size can avail this revolutionary technology from anywhere in the world. Another reason for migrating to the cloud is the problem of workload and storage.

This issue is eradicated as the cloud service providers use resources repeatedly which lessens the load and makes it resilient. Moreover, cloud migration also brings an extra layer of safety with it. Since the digital assets of the company are migrated over remote servers, the predicament of physical hazards and data breach become almost zero.

Steps to be followed while migrating to the Cloud


Ideal time for cloud migration is after a complete and accurate analysis of resource requirement and execution planning. Prior to execution, the organization should firmly build a cloud agnostic application and establish certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The steps for a successful cloud migration are listed below.

1. The first and the foremost step is to decide which assets and digital infrastructure should be shifted to the cloud.

2. Analyse the pros and cons of migration of every asset.

3. After the basic procedure, a reliable cloud partner must be chosen. It is very essential because the cloud partner will be responsible for the assets after migrating to the cloud.

4. Now, the cloud environment (public, private and hybrid) should be selected depending on the customized requirements.

5. This step involves the determination of required architecture along with the storage and computing needs.

6. After this, a cloud provider comes to the role to initiate the process of migrating to the cloud.

7. One of the most important steps while performing cloud migration is backing up the data. It shouldn’t be ignored because of any unforeseen circumstances.

8. The final step involves the planning of migration in terms of the disruption time and ordering the assets accompanied by execution.

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