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How are apps comforting the life of travelers

Travelling is an activity that brings joy to all hearts sundry as it held forth the promise of taking a break from the daily humdrum and creating memories in new unexplored places. 

How are apps comforting the life of travelers

Tuesday December 05, 2017,

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Yet there is a great deal of hassle involved- from booking, to organizing to ensuring safety.This leads to pandemonium and disarray, leaving travelers anxious and stressed. Those days are of past as technology is creating a positive disruption in the travelling industry through apps. Not only creating a bracing discourse, they are coming as a great aid to travelers because, with a good app one can research new places, book tickets, find restaurants and all other travel related assistance. 

Here are a few ways where the app comes handy:

Useful Safety Information

A travel app keeps its users informed on the current security situation of chosen travel destination, providing alerts on important notices on strikes or weather-related disturbances. It also ranks destination on their basis of safety, choosing only those which are prime in terms of stability. The 24 help services go an extra mile to ensure that the travel tenure goes mishap- free.

Hotel Booking

There are many apps, peppered in the market, that provide the list of the hotels with the accommodations prices. They compare deals to provide the best ever stay in the most nominal fares. On the other hand, booking through a hotel-based app provides travellers a higher chance to avail special discounts and better deals. Such apps provide a complete description of the rooms, helping people find the best from the rest.

Keeping updates with the latest happenings

There is always something exciting happening at tourist favoured spot, with all the buzz and excitement whetting up the appetite. Yet, travelers often miss out on the fun by not keeping themselves up-to-date with the daily occurrences. With travel apps, on can be updated on the various specialities of the destination- from cuisine to culture, apart from the events. This keeps them in- tuned to their surroundings.

Tickets Booking

Booking through agencies has become redundant as the same is now being done through the flexible procedure of a travel app. These compare the varying airfare, providing the most economical package according to their budget. In addition, one can find the best seats in the plane and book the meals too. These apps also provide the facility of transport booking, creating a hassle-free way to travel.

Best Way For Networking And Sharing

With apps, travellers can stay connected with their chosen community, sharing photos, videos and even exchange notes with friends and relatives. These also have forms for travellers to provide their opinion creating a dialogue of happy/ dissatisfied memories on a leveraged platform. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that this improves the experience of travel.


These are some of the benefits of travel apps and by witnessing all these advantages, it can be said that apps in travel industries are very advantageous because such app has minimized the hassle of travellers with such a great instant service. However, all apps cannot be the same and thus, one should conduct a thorough research before availing the services as this can impact the experience. We stand open to a plethora of options in app stores, but when it comes to choosing the best one, there is a need to check the rating of the app and also reviews about that particular app. All said and done, apps bring back the ease that we aim to attain and surely, they have turned out to be a traveller’s best friend.

Authored by: Mr. Satyajeet Pradhan, Founder, trip n howl - unique travelling app

Founders trip n howl

Founders trip n howl

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