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“Grief changes shape, but it never ends.”

Wednesday July 06, 2016,

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The above quote holds true that sorrow of losing someone doesn’t go away and remains in remote corners of our heart. But, it is up to us, that how we sail in the sea of sorrow. Either we can stop at that point and weep life-long for the person who has left us or we can learn from her or his life and make our lives better.

It is always good to remember a departed soul with a smile on our face and cherish the sweet time spent together. You can express your emotional attachment towards that person with your words. Write a biography or a memoir to commemorate the one gone and let the world know about her or his positive traits.

Though, usually people post such remembrance posts in a printed publication, particularly newspapers. But, these days the trend of online paying tribute has picked up pace. Therefore posts for remembrance and obituary today have taken the viral route.

One such website that enables you to publish free online remembrance ads is Obitiarytoday. Latter is one-of-a-kind platform that doesn’t charge you anything for obituary posts and there are free as well as paid packages if you want to publish a remembrance for a loved one.

Take a look at the various packages that the online portal offers:

7 days free package where your post will be live without any charges.

• For 30 days,

• For 1 year,

• For 5 years or

• For a lifetime

The process of creating a post is simple too. Just follow these instructions and publish an Obituary or a remembrance ad:

•Register yourself on the website if you are a new user.

•Click on the ‘create an Obituary’ or ‘Create a remembrance’ option

•Follow the further instructions and fill these details:

1)Date of birth and death of the deceased

2)Date, time and venue of cremation or burial

3)Photographs of the deceased

Once your page will become live, you will be able to share it on all social media networks viz. Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, etc. This will help you in informing people who live abroad or in far flung areas. Also, it will inform people whom you might miss calling personally.

In case you have any query, kindly get in touch with the customer service team at 0120-2512700 or 9810904604. You can also drop a mail at [email protected]. For more details visit the website.