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How to use micropore tape on a scar?

How to use micropore tape on a scar?

Wednesday July 19, 2017,

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Knowledge of wound care is important. You should know how to dress wounds and ensure quick healing. In fact, your first-aid kit is supposed to have a tape that can help dress wounds and secure medical tubing. This way you can minimize post-surgical scar formation and keep the skin away from unwanted spots.

Further, ask any doctor and he/she will recommend 3m micropore tape so that the skin can breathe while risks of stretching are kept away. After all, you’d not want the wound to be pulled and thick scars to develop. So, you can use a quality tape to stop the pulling and secure the skin.

Let’s look at how a micropore tape can help in wound care -

#The tape is created for those wounds that can impact or compromise sensitive or delicate skin

#This wound tape is used mostly with those people who have thin skin such as elderly patients

#The product comes with small pores which makes it breathable and helps in quick healing

#It is very gentle on the skin and you can use to dress those wounds that need regular tending and dressing

#This tape won’t irritate the skin even with repeated applications

#It helps keep the skin around a wounded area healthy and protected

#The tape keeps skin away from the risk of infection as it never allows the wound to get irritated or broken

#The tape is very handy for those with sensitive skin

#The product is fit for treating various sizes of wounds

#It also comes in a small width so you can dress any tiny incision, scrape or cut with ease

#Any thickness of the tape can be bought to let the wound dressings to remain stuck to the skin for quick healing

Tips to apply micropore tape on a scar

Application of the tape is simple and easy. You don’t need to possess medical knowledge to do that. However, you need to know a thing or two before applying it to get the best results and quickest possible healing.

Here are the tips -

#First, take warm water and soap to clean the area gently or thoroughly

#Use a clean towel to pat the region dry

#Cut the right section of the tape

#Don’t touch the sticky side of the tape

#Place the tape across the scar as if you lay it

#Make sure the wound area is covered completely with the tape

#Run the fingertip along the surface of the tape to apply pressure for comprehensive sticking

#Rub the tape so that it gets enough contact to stick well and firmly and support the hold

#Make sure the adhesive is stuck to the skin so that healing can take place

#Keep the tape stuck there for at least 24 hours before removing it

#Pull back the tape in a gentle manner

#Now clean the area again and apply a new tape

#And always use the tape after consulting the doctor to keep any risks out of the way