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Latest trends in SEO 2017

Be a white hat and don't cry TRAFFIC TRAFFIC

Latest trends in SEO 2017

Monday July 31, 2017,

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                                                        Latest trends in SEO

A complete guide on SEO trends and to do best SEO practices and get max on ROI. Don't be a black hat , be a snowy white hat....We cry traffic, traffic but it has to be relevant too

SEO is the gen next word and to keep with competition, one needs to find out what’s latest and what’s hot. What are the latest SEO trends, here are some insights into it. Our key features are onsite optimization, technical optimization and this helps in SEO rankings and user friendly experience.

1. World of Unique content (Keyword Research)

At SEO Fleet, our professionals conduct research on keyword and then formulate SEO friendly content. The keyword research includes the trend which is focused on long tail keywords. Latest trends includes that long form content is more visible than standard blog spot. But this content should contain relevant targeted keywords. We believe that better research can get you better keywords. Developing list of long tail keywords and then working on SEO based articles is one of the latest trends.

2. Mobile First Strategy

All the digital marketing space is well aware of mobile first strategy. We tend to make your site interactive and mobile user friendly. Google is continuously bringing out features which are mobile friendly. Mobile optimization is also a competitive advantage. You will be astonished by the statics that 90 % of B2C mobile sessions are conducted on mobile. In a latest move, mobile design and web design are continuously evolving in order to search user in a better manner so, it is mobile first world. For this, we are bringing you:

- Responsive website design

- Separate URLs

- Unique content


- As we know mobile friendly website is becoming reality, and we know that necessity of designing browsing experience sites which is functional on mobiles. After realized all the latest trends about the mobile users we realize that site development should contain responsive design unique content.

3. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

One of the latest trends is to include mobile friendly pages to the site. It includes three sections – AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache. Google is strong of AMP and in this it enables a site build pages which loads faster on mobile, almost in a split second.

4. Website Redesigning – A hidden key to SEO

After conducting a comprehensive social audit, our professionals develop a user’s friendly website. It means designing a website which brings no barriers to SEO. If the client is having an existing website then also a SEO audit and site review is done. In the site audit, our SEO professionals examines the problems of current website either it has site design or other limitations that might proving hindrance to the organic search results. These impeding factors are overcome and the site is SEO friendly which will bring success in organic search results.

5. Blog Comments

You may read and say it was last year too blog commenting was present but dear what is present before is also HIT today. Commenting on blogs might be very old strategy but it is very effective process to get back links. But always make sure that the comments which are posted added value to the content. Don’t do spamming and unnecessary commenting. Just go through an example below:

6. Social Media

Social Media has impeccable and long-lasting trend in today’s digital space. After seeing a plethora of changes in the digital space, it has been seen that both social media and SEO are closely interwoven strategies. Social Media Marketing is instant booster to your Page rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Today links are shared with the social media pages which make it famous like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. It helps the websites credible and also creates brand awareness. This also includes external inbound links, which helps in contenting our content to more external sites. These will helps you in gaining more authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines too. We pace up with all the social media trends and design a strategy that will serve client in the best possible way.