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5 Apps Every Business Traveler should make Use of

Friday October 14, 2016,

4 min Read

If you happen to be one of those who travel in and out very often on business purposes, then probably you’d have encountered a number of challenges in planning and managing your trip. There are a number of ways where things might go wrong while on a trip. There are times when you might need to locate something ASAP or your hotel reservation gets cancelled; how do you manage these circumstances? Well, there are a few apps that can help and ensure you have a great business trip. But, of all which apps are the best ones? To help you out, we’ve rounded up some tools that take the stress out of business trips for savvy travelers.

TripIt-Organize your business trips better

TripIt is the app which ensures that you’ll have every detail of your itinerary handy. You just need to forward email confirmations such as car rental, hotel, airline, or restaurant and the app automatically converts the emails into a travel itinerary. Your travel schedule gets synced with calendar and can be shared with selected contacts. The best part is you can view your itinerary online or offline and it works on any device.


Get automatic alerts or notifications about your itinerary, scheduled events, and flight information

Available for iPhone, Android, Balckberry and Windows 7

Uber-Book a cab

Getting around the city is the most stressful thing that business travelers face. Perhaps public transportation can help you but it is difficult to drag luggage onto train always. That’s why the Uber app comes in handy. Uber is one service where you can book a cab round the clock from anywhere with a mobile application. It eliminates the hassle of looking for transportation.


Intuitive UI ensures quick and painless hiring

Track cab movement, driver and contact information

Payments made directly from a bank account get automatically linked to the app

Waze-Easy navigation

Getting travel directions in a new place can be very difficult without GPS. The Waze application gives you free travel directions just like GPS navigation apps. And, its social connectivity feature works great. The application works on both low and high end devices, however, GPRS connection is required as maps are loaded on the go.


Alerts can be seen as on-screen pop-ups with audio notification

Maps can be used in both regular as well as night mode

The application features social connect that allows the users to identify fellow folks on the map

Ask Me - Get local business info

Sometimes, you’ll find it difficult to look for various things such as a restaurant or cafe around you. ASK ME can help you by providing all the local information – whether you are looking for a local business, or the best deals, you can easily get the information you need with a single click.


The application provides information about places to eat and relax. Get to know the reviews and ratings about a place and make informed decisions.

Look up addresses and contact information of any local business from the ASK ME app

Get info such as mode of payments and open hours to make your visit great

SutiExpense – Manage expenses effortlessly

Attending conferences, meetings clients, and making deals – you’ll have to do all of this and more while on a business trip. Creating expense reports should not eat into your time or be painful; this can be made possible through SutiExpense, a comprehensive T & E expense management solution. All you need to do is to scan and upload the receipts, and the rest will be taken care by the SutiExpense.


Create expense reports in minutes, upload instantly and get faster approvals from your managers

Integration with travel-SutiTravel eliminates the hassle of booking flights and hotels

Mobile application allows you to record expenses, submit reports, and track progress while on the go

Although there are many applications, these are the most important ones that every business traveler should make use of while planning a business trip.