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How e-Commerce can offer a Delightful Customer Experience

E-commerce customer experience plays a key role in the entire process. This is important as it is the customer who can ensure the profit or loss for a retailer and a manufacturer.

How e-Commerce can offer a Delightful Customer Experience

Wednesday November 06, 2019,

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In today’s advanced technological era, the traditional concept of the market has been left behind. The idea of physically coming together and getting involved in the business of exchange of goods and services is quite out-dated. Today, retailers and merchants opt for e-commerce websites to get their business in the eye and use platforms of an online store and sell a variety of products. 

E-commerce websites can choose to extend the benefits of e-commerce selling to not only retailers and manufacturers but also customers. E-commerce customer experience plays a key role in the entire process. This is important as it is the customer who can ensure the profit or loss for a retailer and a manufacturer.

Customer Experience App: The Key Player

  • Enhancing the customer experience through personalized attention via customer experience applications will majorly help.
  • The application should be accessible
  • It should adhere to the latest trends and models prevalent. 

Besides the inculcation of customer experience app, there are several other ways through which e-commerce websites can offer a delightful customer experience. Some of these ways are discussed below:

  • Customer-friendly Platform: E-commerce websites can largely be made user or customer friendly. Websites can use software that can make the shopping experience of the desired audience hassle-free and less cumbersome. E-commerce websites can be kept modern and up to date with changes in technology and any changes shall be incorporated in a manner that is not tough for a customer to understand. Hence, a good customer experience software can attract more audience for a website. 

  • Developing Applications: E-commerce customer experience apps can make e-commerce shopping largely convenient for a customer. Applications with a great interface can make e-commerce shopping very easy and handy for a customer. Applications can have features like “filter” and “sort” that can allow customers to search and speedily select products and services as per their convenience. 

  • Complaint Forum: It is advisable to incorporate compliant forums on e-commerce websites is very important to ensure a transparent and ethical mode of facilitating online transactions. Apps can use a customer service chat facility or create a Dropbox on their e-commerce platform that diligently addresses complaints and grievances of a customer. E-commerce platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and Nykaa use this feature. This feature is important for providing an e-commerce customer experience and gives surety that transactions on the web do not stop at a dead-end tunnel and deficiencies and defaults are looked into.

  • Loyalty Programs: Many e-commerce websites use loyalty programs to benefit a certain section of customers who subscribe to the latter. These loyalty programs can help in attracting customers and interest them in becoming being a regular user of the venture. For example, global e-commerce hunk Amazon provides an Amazon Prime subscription that is used to provide early delivery services to a customer. Similarly, loyal customers of fashion apps like Jabong and Myntra are provided with an early check-in of discounted products during the sale period. 

  • Newsletter and Notification Updates: To make any e-commerce venture successful it is important to attract the new audiences and retain the existing customer base. E-commerce customer experience can be enhanced by extensive social media campaigns, promotions, and sending newsletters at regular intervals. Websites and applications can also send in notifications to customers at regular intervals and make them aware of the ongoing market trends. These features can largely help in attracting customers and make the e-commerce venture famous. 

  • Tracking Features: Nowadays, a customer prefers having control of the e-commerce website they are investing in. Hence, giving a customer a sense of control can make the customer prefer an e-commerce venture better than others. By incorporating tracking features and allowing customers to choose their preferred delivery slots, e-commerce websites can largely benefit by obtaining an honest and transparent reputation in the eye of a customer. Almost all e-commerce ventures provide this feature like Big Basket, Uber Eats, Amazon, etc.


Whether it is a physical market or an online market, a customer is the one that can ensure the success and failure of a product in the market. For a virtual market to be successful, creating a trustworthy e-commerce customer experience is highly paramount. A customer shall believe that it is the organizational goal to provide the right product at the right time at the right place. Hence, incorporating the aforementioned features can help customers to believe that the idea of your e-commerce website is not to deceive but rather provide a delightful experience to the user. piHappiness brings to you, the aptest and delight delivering applications for customer feedback. Associate with these inventive applications and encash the best that you can through an exemplary customer experience on your e-commerce platform.