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Kohli Brothers Lucknow

                        Kohli Brothers Lucknow

Saturday October 29, 2016,

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Among the first Multi brand retailers in India, Kohli Brothers was at the forefront of the International Garment revolution in India. Moving from strength to strength over the last three decades, the stores now house world famous fashion brands and are positioned to match the best of Italian and global fashion trends to the discerning Indian Clientele.


Kohli Brothers also launched celebrated American and British fashion houses Superdry and Kenneth Cole, the first store in North India outside the NCR to house these fantastic brands.


In addition to going the extra mile and giving the personal touch, the store also sports dedicated collections hand chosen for the Lucknow customer, brought from places as diverse as Sweden and Turkey.


The endeavor has been and always will be to stay at the very forefront of fashion and provide the customer with the best possible collection from the best international brands and celebrated designers, all under one roof.


It is under the patronage of our strong and incredibly dedicated customer base that these heights have been possible, and we strive to keep matching and beating expectations.