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How to keep your eyes safe in this digital age

How to keep your eyes safe in this digital age

Tuesday August 28, 2018,

5 min Read

Digital gadgets have become the basic these days, and smartphones among them keep the eyeballs glued to the screen 90% of the time of a day. Not only smartphones, but other digital devices like tablets, computers, laptops also have a consistent role in our lives from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.

Regardless of age, this digital device addiction is suffered by almost everyone from kids to senior citizens for different purposes. So, on the whole, it can be stated as the age of digital device addiction.

And, if you count yourself among the 90% of addicted netizens who spend most of the time in front of the screens then here is something you should know about – the effects of this addiction on your health. Let’s dig a little deeper into it


Digital Eye strain also known as Computer vision syndrome, headaches, shoulder pain, fatigue, etc., are a few health issues that long-term use of these devices can cause.

What does the term Digital Eye Strain mean

Digital eye strain is more common than you think. When spending a long period of time focusing on the digital screens, the blink rate is reduced up to 66% on an average resulting in blurry vision and burning eyes.


Dry, red and irritated eyes, blurry vision, itchy and burning eyes etc., are a few symptoms that indicate the digital eye strain.

Causing Factors

Size of the font, posture, computer set-up and the blue light emitted from the digital screen.

Now, that you have learned about the effects you are going to have on your eyes while spending long periods of time in front of the screens, it’s time to know how you will protect your eyes from these effects, especially the Digital eye strain.

Steps to protect your eyes in this digital age

- Build a workspace that promotes good posture, in the sense, take measures like centering your computer screen at arms-length and little below your eye level, which will help you in keeping your back straight and also maintains a proper distance from the screen.

* Position the screen to minimize the glare.

* Follow the 20/20/20 rule, which says take a 20-seconds break in every 20-minutes to look at something that is 20-feet away.

* Adjust the brightness of the device; do not keep it too bright or too light. Also, consider changing the screen’s background color from white to cool gray.

* Lessen the amount of surrounding light and overhead light competing with the device’s screen.

* Increase the font size to make it easier to read, causing less strain on your eyes.

* Blink as much as you can, as blinking lubricates the eyes in order to let them stay moist and healthy.

* And if you have kids, consider limiting the time you are exposed to the screens to set a healthy example for your kids. After all, bear in mind that kids don’t listen, they imitate.

Sometimes you can’t take the above precautionary steps into account and have a schedule that requires your exposure more to these digital screens than often due to work reasons. So, here are a few things you can consider for healthy eyes, despite your busy digital screen schedule.

The computer eye-wear or anti-reflective lens is what you need. Many opticians recommend this kind of eye-wear combined with the specially formulated coating that blocks and absorbs the limited blue-light.

Talking about the eyewear that stands as the most reliable factor for those with weak vision, it is important to get the right eye-wear for good vision and also for healthy eye maintenance. When not chosen right, the eye-wear may also cause adverse effects.

Time to talk to an eye care professional

Not always can you decide things on your own, and not at the risk of your eyesight. Since cutting down the amount of spending hours in front of the digital devices does not every time sounds realistic, we also have to look for other feasible options on hand.

If your eyeballs are glued to the screen more often or almost for half of the day and you wear contact lenses, be sure to talk to your optician. In such cases, it is important to know what kind of eyewear suits your eyes to protect them from any kind of harm. And, only a proper eye – care specialist can help you with the course.

Try using lenses that are designed especially for the digital age. They are designed with the primary motive of protecting eyes from the digital devices while your eyeballs are glued on them. They use moisture-seal technology to design them, which helps the lenses to maintain 95% of the moisture for hours.

Final words

Concluding it with a health tip, always make sure that you soak your eyes with cold water after you spend hours in front of the screens. Also make sure to take small breaks, walk around for a while or stretch. This not only takes your eyes off the digital screen but is also good for your posture.

In the end, it is the good health that matters for being and not the digital devices or screens. So, take care and be protected.