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Getting comfortable while feeling uncomfortable

Saturday July 09, 2016,

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 Imagine a runner who stopped just before the finish line because he felt the goal was unattainable. What would he say to himself when he realizes what he did? Many people quit a half marathon at the 17k mark. And the spectators are left overwhelmed, just because they know how close the finish line was.

Entrepreneurship is one such race.

The only difference is that it extends much farther than a marathon. You are both, the runner and the motivating spectator. The route is full of obstacles for you to tackle. There will be a lot of instances when you’ll feel like quitting. Don’t. Keep working till you get what you set out for. Cross the finish line.

An entrepreneur needs to be agile enough to evolve their offerings through sensing the changing market demands. You might come across certain unfavorable situations and mental blocks. You need to learn from these situations, overcome them and create success stories. Every hurdle you face will make you more resilient, confident and aware. The only difference between IBM and Nokia is that one sensed change and was open to it and the other wasn’t. The change I am talking about here goes beyond offerings. It reaches the levels of brand perception.

How do we deal with the discomforts that block our way?

Believe in yourself. It is only when you start your business, that you’ll realize that this step was the easiest. The risks that you will then start taking, will strike both, constant calculations and excitement in your minds. You have just buckled yourself up on a seat of an amazing roller coaster ride. You might either feel the the motions or have the most exciting time of your life!

Have you ever wondered what it is about a roller coaster that makes it such an attraction for many?

It gives you the thrills of experiencing something unusual and extreme while the only thing you could control is your own self as the world around turns upside down within a fraction of a second.No wonder it is not for the weak heart. The one isolated option you have while on this wacky ride is to be adventurous enough to enjoy extreme curves that come by. The only comfort for you is that the next curve is going to be a different one, dazzling a different part of you, giving a chance to the previous one to gather itself.

I have been riding the roller coaster of entrepreneurship since childhood.

What is interesting is how it has changed the concept of comfort for me. Every entrepreneur’s day involves extended hours of working, sudden changes, fluctuations in cash flow and increasing expectations.

So, how can entrepreneurs refresh themselves? After all, we are only human & long for comfort just like any other.

An entrepreneur should find comfort in change. Change is the only thing that is constant, and constantly soothes you. A different matter at hand and a different decision to be made is all that is needed to refresh one’s mind. It brings back the inspiration you started off with, along with an excitement of accomplishing something new, yet again.

People operating in a constantly transforming situations feel uncomfortable in peaceful environments. Entrepreneurs are an apt example of such people.

"Why should I go through such difficulties", you ask?

Passion towards a thought that showed you a promising future. The wish to spread happiness, to your customers, employees, stakeholders and society at large. And most importantly, because you believed in your thought so much that you let go your inhibitions and started up.

Want to know what thrill is? #RideTheCoaster