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5 Trending tools that will be dominating in 2017

Monday January 02, 2017,

6 min Read

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.’

– Arthur C. Clarke

Ultimately all we need is the hack, tactic or the tool which helps us to grow our business. Thanks to modern technology that just not made our lives easy, but our business too. We have brought to you the list of few tools and software that will work as the ‘hack’ to grow and market your business. These tools will not only make your business less complicated but will also rule in 2k17.

Note down the below tools and let your business grow more automated with less human efforts:

1. Tagove-

With Tagove you can create amazing customer experience can increase the customer returns by 200%. It exceptionally drives the sales. It provides real-time services that enhance the customer service experience. It offers services like Live text chat, Co-browsing, Screen sharing, Live Voice & Video call and many other outstanding features that increase the traffic of your website and grows the sales.

The glimpse of its best features:

• Live text chat:

With Live Chat, you can send and receive text messages simultaneously that too in the single click. It provides desktop software; therefore, you don’t need to open your website every time.

• Co-browsing tool:

This extraordinary co-browsing technology allows a representative to connect with customer’s browser tab, and see the customer’s browser window and mouse cursor. It is also possible to interact with the customer in the web page in real-time.

• Live video assistance:

In this competitive time, it is essential to provide your customer live video assistance, so that it enhances their customer service experience and it makes them feel more personal.

2. Shopify-

Being an e-commerce entrepreneur is never an easy job. Shopify tries to minimize your headache and provide you all-in-one e-commerce solutions. It features organized storefront, customizable templates, ‘But Button’ functionality that allows your customers buy your goods online from anywhere and to use Shopify as a Point of Sale. (POS) It gives you freedom to avoid the lengthy research and endless sourcing processes.

Shopify offers:

• Secure hosting

• Full integration with desired payment gateway

• Marketing

• Web design

• Shopping cart system

The glimpse of its best features:

• 24-7 Customer Support

The knowledgeable, accommodating and patient team of Shopify understands all your hurdles and confusions and always ready to assist you day and night. The team assists you with all the queries whether it is related to the domain name, fixing design layout, setting up products or any assistance related to online marketing practices.

• Setup expert for assistance

By visiting experts.shopify.com, you can get help for quickly setting up the necessary tasks and launching your online store in minimal time.

• Inventory and Shipping Solutions

Dropship is one of the easiest modes to sell the goods online. Shopify has tied up with three big brands in the industry: Merchify, eCommHub, and Ordoro to give you more exposure.

• Marketing Power

Apart from other services, Shopify helps you to advertise your business in the best possible way with the help of marketing tools for email marketing, SEO, and Facebook.

3. Skyward CRM:

Every company needs the effective Customer Relationship Management to manage the interactions and relationship with their customers and associate partners. Skyward Techno perfectly understands the importance and requirement of good rapport and association with the customers.

Its CRM software automates the daily routine activities for sales and service. Therefore your marketing team gets the chance to use their skills and time to generate the leads and close the deals. The CRM tool is packed with customer features and has the key to all the solutions. It is easy, affordable, and adaptable for small business as well as medium sized business.

The glimpse of its best features:

• Sales-force automation:

Automation consists of various features like Account management, contact management, opportunity management and lead management.

• Territory Management:

You can manage and assign live customer data to sales people within the sales territory. Sales people can observe potential opportunities, current customers, and competitors' activity.

• Partner Management:

You can improve your relationship with your partners by sharing marketing goals, sales leads with them, and other tasks. It has the real-time information flow.

• Dashboard and reports:

The dynamic dashboard displays the key metrics, customizable reports, and 50 pre-built reports.

Apart from these features, it has also featured like sales performance management and sales forecasting which makes your job easy.

4. MixPanel:

MixPanel is product analytics platform which allows the organization to get the insights of iterations of the product development process. It answers the question about user engagement with what your team can build.

The best part about MixPanel is it is measurable, quick and simple to implement.

It performs complex behavioral analysis and solutions within the moments with enterprise security, automated insights, and 99.99% uptime.

The glimpse of its best features:

• Engagement: It measures the action that the people take into your application.

• Retention: It can find out if people love your app by seeing if they could come back.

• Notifications: You can get back your customers with push notifications or email.

• Mobile surveys: It allows you to ask anything to your customer while they are using the app.

It has also unique features like Funnel, A/B testing and Auto-track which makes your journey smooth and less complicated.

5. SocialPilot-

SocialPilot understands how time-consuming and irritating is to update your social media posts in numerous platform at the same time that too in on predefined time. With SocialPilot you can schedule your posts and tweets everywhere. It also suggests you the relevant content in case if you are not in the mood to brainstorm. Ultimately it minimizes the burden of posting tweets and increasing visibility with your followers.

The glimpse of its best features:

• More posts, more accounts, and affordable price:

You can share as much as 500 posts and connect to almost 200 social profiles. You can share and schedule the post without worrying about the limits. Even you can add your client’s profile without the headache of managing multiple social media platforms.

• Bulk Scheduling:

As a marketer, sometimes you have hundreds of posts to share with your followers. It is no less than a headache to post them manually and it is time-consuming as well. SocialPilot gives you freedom to bulk schedule all of them and it will get posted as per your mentioned time.

• Content Suggestions and Feeds:

It’s normal to out of effective content sometimes. SocialPilot suggests you content so you never get out of awesome content to post on social media. You can also, add your favorite external feeds and share content that can be helpful to your network.

• Custom Facebook Branding:

This is one of the hot-favorite features by SocialPilot. You can show off your brand on every Facebook post that you create. Whenever you post any content on Facebook you can display the audience “Posted by YOUR BRAND”! This increases your brand visibility. Go get your personalized Facebook post with SocialPilot right away.

The Last Word:

So, now that you are aware of these “hack” tools, why don’t you start to visit them for your website and gift your customers the new and charming customer service experience.