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8 Awesome Smartphone Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy

8 Awesome Smartphone Gadgets To Make Your Life Easy

Thursday March 12, 2020,

7 min Read

Smartphone Gadgets

Smartphones are truly an amazing invention; they help with so much that many people would struggle to live without theirs now. Evolving over a short time from a simple mobile phone to becoming a processing unit more powerful than most computers we owned just 10 years ago. 

Even now, you're probably reading this on your smartphone! Ignore that notification that wants you to play that game again and read down while we share with you our top eight smartphone gadgets. 

Some of these are great for day to day use and will make your life easier, while others might be a bit more whimsical and greater to break out for parties.

  • Portable Charger

Everybody who owns a Smartphone should also own one of these. With the number of tasks and the complexity of those tasks, people are using their devices more than ever. That ongoing use of processing power comes with a price tag and the cost is battery life. We have all been in the position of our Smartphone battery dying, its last breaths of life spent on warning us that the end is near. So often we are still out and unable to quickly plug the Smartphone into a power source, having to accept the inevitable.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this and it is great for people on the go. Portable chargers have been around for a while now; however, they are still pretty rarely used. Battery capacity and cost have improved greatly since the early days so these portable chargers are sleek and hold enough power to see you through a day and a night, meaning you won't miss that call or not have enough power to capture that perfect moment.

  • Selfie Flash Light

When the selfie craze hit, we needed the perfect light otherwise we were left with a dark and blurry image. The possibility of taking a great picture inside a gloomy room or even outside at night was zero. Huge strides have been made by some Smartphone providers who have included a selfie flash; however, often these are inadequate and, in some cases, even ruin the quality of the picture with a strange light. Some pictures are washed out or the light isn't right for the environment leaving us disappointed with the final result.

Then the Selfie Ring Flashlight was developed and is a potential game-changer. Providing an adjustable light that remains constant, this is the perfect gadget for bloggers that want to take their selfie game to the next level or for that night out with friends. The Selfie Ring Flashlight takes selfies and videos from dark and unfocused to crisp and clear. You can easily find the best selfie ring  lights list at review needs, A website that offers top 10 products in different categories. Available from many retailers at super affordable price points and easy to use, simply clip to the top of your phone, this is a must-have for people who want to increase the quality of their selfie gallery.

  • Bluetooth Keyboard

Continuing the theme that modern Smartphones can be used for everything. Many Smartphones come with word processing or data entry apps, sadly many of them are fiddly and the on-screen keyboard is distracting or covers the page or isn't intuitive enough. So many things can be done on Smartphones but often we don't. Many of these apps are designed for viewing documents or spreadsheets without the ability to edit effectively. 

Step forward the Bluetooth Keyboard. When these quirky little devices were launched, they weren't great, today they are amazing. Offering the latest in Bluetooth connectivity to ensure a stable connection and with battery capacity improving, these are essential for anyone wishing to write or edit documents on the fly.

  • Gaming Controller

Yes, a gaming controller. Smartphone games have evolved so much from the original Snake. Games are being produced not only by independent app makers but also by the major gaming studios. Titles being released are comparable with console versions of the same game. Games have evolved so much because of the evolution of the technology inside a Smartphone. Improved graphics, processing speed, and memory have allowed developers to make more and more complex and diverse games.

So why are we still playing these games in an outdated way?

Gaming controllers that have been manufactured specifically for Smartphones make a phenomenal difference in how we play games. Now we can fully experience games without our fingers being constantly in the way or worrying about dropping the device.

  • Fitbits, Fitness Monitors and Smart Watches

You knew this would be on the list, right? The Fitbit revolutionized how we track fitness, steps, activity as well as many other things. 

Tracking sleep and exercise, fitness monitors are simple yet highly effective at making people more active, it's amazing how competitive we become when able to compare workout data or even how many hours sleep, we got. 

When first launched, the Fitbit was a pricey accessory available only to those with plenty of money to burn because it was the first of its kind. Now it's not a new technology these gadgets are available for a much more reasonable cost, even non-brand versions perform well when compared against the original. Smart Watches are a step up combining most of the functionality of a fitness tracker but enabling some further functions and a larger screen to read texts, organizers and manage phone calls.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

Smartphones are improving with every new release. One thing that has reached its peak is the loudspeaker. When at a party, music is almost an essential element. Various apps have given almost unlimited options to stream from every genre imaginable, so why is it so hard to share them with a crowd?

This is where the Bluetooth speaker stands out from the crowd. With simple connectivity comes some of the most advanced speakers available to keep the party going. These gadgets vary in size and ability and many are even waterproof for when things get a little wet and wild.

  • Noise Canceling Headphones

A truly versatile gadget that isn't just for listening to music. These headphones work by reversing sound waves and playing the reversed frequency creating a truly silent environment. Offering a next-generation playback experience with deep bases and being able to combine frequencies to offer the best playback sound experience available. Noise Canceling Headphones also put you in your own private world if you just need to sit quietly. Perfect for reading or escaping from a busy commute and being left with your own thoughts. 

  • Selfie Stick

Yes, the humble Selfie Stick makes an appearance. When this was first launched it was met with considerable mockery and this stopped it taking off immediately. Yet when people started to give this simple device a chance many were surprised with how effective it was. The majority of Selfie Sticks today are multi-purpose and often telescopic, meaning they will vastly improve your photos and videos while being discrete and simple to carry around.

With the advancement of technology, these sticks have also advanced, offering remote controls allowing you to set up as a tripod and take the perfect group picture. The Selfie Stick is the perfect example that simple things can be so effective in improving how we do something. no longer are arms being strained to gain the perfect angle for that selfie.

Wrapping Up

Some of the gadgets listed here will help in day to day activities such as Noise Canceling Headphones and Bluetooth Keyboards. Some will take your pictures to the next level like the Selfie Stick and the Selfie Flash Ring and are probably something any blogger or vlogger should think about acquiring. Others like the gaming controller will allow you to finally realize the full potential of mobile gaming and how far this has advanced.

Obviously, using all these new gadgets to improve your life, you're going to use plenty of battery juice which is where the portable chargers will be there to rescue you and keep the fun going.