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Best Secure Instant Messaging Solutions for Enterprise Business

Check out the list of secure and encrypted instant messaging (API's & SDK's) platform providers across the globe to build a multi-channel messaging platform to relay messages and protect data shared through the servers.

Best Secure Instant Messaging Solutions for Enterprise Business

Tuesday January 07, 2020,

7 min Read

As the count of years passes, the headlines of security breaches and access to private communication have drastically increased. Privacy and security are the utmost factors for any business that tends to communicate with consumers or internal employees over a communication tool. 

The Center for Strategic & International Studies found that 82% of total communication, such as messaging via email and text, is accessible by hackers & law enforcement. So, the ideal way to protect the corporate communication or the interaction between a doctor and patient or interaction within defense commands, going with an enterprise messaging solution equipped with industry-standard security, is the perfect strategy to stay away from the prying eyes snooping on your valuable data.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of top secure instant messaging solution providers that will be ruling the year. 

Before getting into the actual action, the compiled list is based on several factors in security that each solution possesses.

  1. Are they equipped with End-to-end Encryption?
  2. Is the messaging solution is an Enterprise-ready?
  3. Does It Meet the Security Standards & Policy Compliance's?
  4. Do They Provide Any Additional Security Feature?
  5. Do They Collect Your Entire Conversations & Data?
  6. Are they a customizable instant messaging solution?

Your privacy of entire conversation on chat application is primarily dependent on one major system, End-to-end Encryption!

“Without end-to-end encryption, the confidential chat with your boss could end up stealing by your admin team.”

 So, pouring a better understanding of the end-to-end encryption system could save you from a lot of malicious actions.

End to End Encryption Architecture

Here’s the list of Top 8 Encrypted Secure Instant Messaging Platform (API/SDK) for Enterprises

1.MirrorFly - An Enterprise Messaging Solution

Real Time Messaging Solutions -Mirrorfly

Highlights of MirrorFly Security Standards:

  • End-to-end Encryption
  • OMEMO Encryption
  • KDF (Key Derivation Function) Chain
  • X3DH Key Agreement Protocol
  • AES Encryption
  • Token-based Authentication
  • Data Retention 
  • HIPAA Compatibility
  • HMAC Authentication
  • SSL Encryption

MirrorFly effectively leads the messaging market by offering customizable SDKs and APIs (Simply called SaaP Solution)  to design your communication way based on the industrial use cases. Their Multi-channel communication mediums (Text, Video & Voice Calling) are designed to withstand concurrent user count. Apart from the regular communication channels and features, they offer an in-house development team to customize the solution irrespective of uses cases.

MirrorFly offers a one-time license cost to all the features, functionality, and scalability of the application when it comes to user count.   

They support Android, iOS, Web, Rattlesnake OS, React-native, and so on. Being a part of offering On-premises/cloud hosting, the accessibility to the chat infrastructure is quite easy and reliable. Apart from the security features, every message relayed between the client and MirrorFly servers is encrypted with unique keys that can’t be decrypted. 

2.Contus Fly - Customizable Chat API/SDK Solution


Highlights of Contus Fly Security Standards

  • SSL Encryption with 256-bit
  • Multiple Authentication levels
  • AES encryption standards 
  • End-to-end encryption on both the points

Like all other messaging solution providers in the market, Contus Fly offers customizable messaging solutions. Contus Fly offers communication channels majorly for a vast number of industries ranging from Healthcare, Marketplace, Live Broadcasting, Gaming, E-Learning, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment. 

Their solution is completely deployable on cloud and on-premises. Apart from all the communication channels (text, video, voice), the instant messaging software also offers Live interactive broadcasting features to engage millions of audiences at the same time. The secure instant messaging solutions’ infrastructure is completely secure and isn't dependent on any third-party servers. 

3.Twilio - Leading Programmable API Provider


 Highlights of Twilio Security Standards:

  • GDPR Certification
  • ISO 27001, 27017, 27018
  • CSA Cloud Security
  • Service-level Agreement
  • HTTP Authentication

Twilio is an award-winning programmable voice, video, and SMS API provider. Their unified communication is ultimately a cloud powdered APIs with customization that meets your business communication needs irrespective of SMBs. Their API documentation is simple and easy to create a single API that could control the entire features of the communication platform.

Twilio offers separate pricing for all sorts of communication mediums such as Voice, SMS, Video, Chat and email. The SaaS-based solution’s pricing is based on the Pay-as-you-go model and based on the subscription model as well. As part of security, Twilio supports TLS cryptographic protocol and offers some huge highest security standard certifications with the base as the GDPR. 


4.Sendbird - A Complete SaaS Chat Platform


Highlights of Sendbird Security Standards:

  • SOC2 Compliance
  • GDPR Compliant
  • EU-US Privacy Shield
  • IS0 27001

Sendbird has already spotted its position in the market, offering chat developer-kit that helps developers to integrate a chat and instant messaging features into their web and mobile applications. They build the most scalable chat API and features thoroughly support a variety of use cases ranging from the marketplace, on-demand services, games, communities, live-video streaming, and so on.

As a part of the security feature, Sendbird offers right from TLS encryption to a couple of security policies and compliance's. Their entire cloud infrastructure is secure with AES256 encryption  and the data is stored in the private cloud. 

5.ApphiTect - A Unified Messaging Solution For SMEs & Enterprises


Security Highlights of Apphitect Solution

  • SSL Encryption
  • AES-256 bit
  • Multiple User Authentications

Apphitect has been one of the leading chat app solution providers in the UAE market. Their Chat SDK solution is equipped with some effectual features like Group chat, Offline messages, voice and video calling to scale communication experience. Their SDKs are compatible to serve enterprise communication and in-app messaging for a couple of industries. 

They offer a secure chat environment where their chat infrastructure is built with top-notch technologies to serve seamless and secure instant messaging on Android, iOS and Web applications. To add a note on security standards, Apphitect offers security to the data with Amazon Virtual Private cloud and multiple access control.    

6.PubNub - An Innovation For Real-time Features



Highlights of PubNub Security Standards

  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Access Manager - Token-based Authorization
  • AES Encryption

PubNub is entirely a SaaS-based real-time messaging platform that offers hosted APIs to create an in-app messaging experience. They offer a wide variety of real-time possibilities ranging from In-app chat, Notifications, IoT Device Control and much more. Apart from the regular APIs, their solutions are compatible with various use cases. 

On a lighter note, PubNub offers a programmable network to develop three-tier architecture to handle the streaming of data across servers. With their Data Stream Networks, PubNub secures data transmission, data ownership and access control of the chat application.

7.Messagebird - Single Programmable API For All Communication


Highlights of Messagebird Security Standards:

  • ACM (Dutch Authority for Consumers & Market Registrations
  • GSMA Membership
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

Messagebird is entirely a SaaS-based Communication medium provider focused on voice, texts and emails. They offer easy to design platforms through a visual editorial to develop your APIs irrespective of communication channels. Their entire package of APIs has the potential to integrate a comprehensive range of applications to create an omnichannel experience. 

Their mix of solutions and features (WhatsApp API, Programmable API, Email) turns out to be a CPaaS provider. The entire cloud platform is hosted under SSL and 3 tier data centers that provide full redundancy. Messagebird is equipped with a couple of security regulations and law policies.  


8.Cometchat - Ready-to-use Cloud-hosted Platform


Highlights of Cometchat Security Standards:

  • Site Authentication - Single Sign-On
  • SSL Encryption
  • Data Signature Validation on Web
  • Authentication Key Verification

Unlike other chat SaaS, PaaS platform providers in the market, Cometchat offers two significant products, basically for businesses to integrate or build a communication platform; ready-to-use Cometchat Go and Developer SDK - Cometchat Pro.

Their open-source resources are completely designed for developers to add chat and customize the features based on the use cases. As a part of security improvement, they offer reinforcement on every version release to add an extra bit of security layer to the platform. 

Wrapping Up

So, there you go. Safeguarding your enterprise conversation is equal to protecting your business ideas, simply; it's more than what you have visualized. As an advanced firewall is significant for any desktop, end-to-end encryption is a must for any application that relays real-time messages. Whether the chat solution counts for banks, hospitals, or even government, going on with an enterprise instant messaging solution could keep your entire data safe and encrypted.