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Essential Social Media Marketing Tactics for Your Ecommerce Business

Boost the growth your ecommerce business with the social media marketing strategies proven to be effective.

Essential Social Media Marketing Tactics for Your Ecommerce Business

Wednesday November 28, 2018,

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Small ecommerce websites may not be able to compete against the big players in search engines. So, a well-planned social media marketing strategy is essential for small ecommerce businesses to grow.

Here is a list of some proven tactics that you can incorporate into your social media marketing strategy to get the best results.

1. Choose the Right Platform

Although this is a no-brainer, many ecommerce fails in allocating their attention, focus, and budget to various social media appropriately.

You need to create a presence in all major social media platforms, but you shouldn’t distribute your focus on all websites equally. Instead, you need to concentrate on the social media platforms based on its audience, your niche, and target customers.  

2. Create Quizzes, Small Surveys, and Other Interactive Content

You can also create small quizzes or surveys on social media to increase the community interaction. It also gives you an opportunity to make your target customers think that you value their voices. When you prepare such interactive content, you shouldn’t make your customers think that you are trying to get data. Instead, you need to convince them that you are trying to help them. 

3. Use the Customer Complaints to Your Advantage

Any business can’t make its entire customers happy all the time. So, getting complaints from the customers is not that bad.

Some of your unsatisfied customers may post about their negative experience with your business. It might be on your business page or in their personal account. Whenever you come across such negative messages, you must answer them.

It would be better to make the interaction more human instead of replying with a generic message that says to send their complaint to your email. You can have a public conversation with the unhappy customer and solve their issue. If there is anything you can do about it and their complaint is genuine, you can offer them something.

When other people see this conversation, they will have a good opinion about you.

Wendy’s, a fast-food restaurant chain, is one of the pioneers in using social media to engage with their target customers. Their approach in Twitter is funny, creative and sometimes savage.

4. Video Ads to Showcase Your Products

The video is the best way to showcase your products because it can provide more details. It is also more engaging and exciting. So, you can create video ads for your unique products to give a better understanding of your target customers.

YouTube can be the best way to target potential customers with your video ads. Several surveys revealed that businesses are planning to invest more in YouTube video ads because it gives them better results.

5. Understand Your Target Customers

Social media presence also helps you to understand your target customers better. You can learn about the problems they face, what they look for, and their opinion about various products, etc. Analyzing this data will help you to improve your business.

6. Social Post Offering Discounts and Make it Go Viral

If you have any plan to offer discounts as part of the promotion, create a social media post for that. If your offer is exciting, people will share your post with their friends and family. It helps you to expand your reach.

7. Utilize Remarketing

Most social media websites including Facebook and YouTube offers https://neilpatel.com/what-is-remarketing/feature which allow advertisers to retarget the customers who have already expressed interest in your previous ad ads. It helps you to narrow your target so you can get the best results.


You can beat your competitors and grow your small ecommerce business if you have a good social media marketing plans. You can improve your social media marketing campaigns by trying the tactics discussed above. 

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