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Event Ticket Booking App Development- Cost, Benefits, and Importance

Event Ticket Booking App Development- Cost, Benefits, and Importance

Monday July 29, 2019,

9 min Read

Event Ticket Booking App Development- Cost, Benefits, and Importance

Digitalization has brought revolutionary changes in our activities and ticket booking is not an exception. If you are in the event ticket booking business, the growing competition and the trend of booking event tickets online compel you to come up with an app-based solution. Your customers will certainly love to book tickets using their fingertips on the move with a robust event ticket booking app solution.

Importance of Event Ticket Booking App Development  

From enhancing convenience to managing the entire process, an event ticket booking app can assist you to get complete control over your ticket booking business. You can offer a seamless and easy option to make reservations remotely through an app, and give your business an edge over peers with an advanced solution. 

Statista has estimated that revenue in the event ticket booking segment will reach USD 73424 million in 2019. This estimate points out toward a great scope lies in the business of event ticket booking. You can readily grab the opportunities offered by this sector by opting for event ticket booking mobile app development. 

In this article, we will talk about the major features and approximate development cost of a customized event ticket booking app. Companies like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster have gained a lot of success and popularity with the help of feature-rich mobile apps. Time is just right to meet a growth tangent set by these renowned global players. 

Let’s see which must-have features can lead you toward a successful event ticket booking app. 

Necessary Features for Event Ticket Booking App

Your business of ticket booking has a vast scope with online booking facility. Customers can choose their seats and book tickets individually or in bulk at their convenient time from anywhere. 

You can readily include the following events for booking tickets through a dedicated mobile app.

  • Movies and Plays
  • Sports Events
  • Musical Events
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Recreational and Cultural Events

The event ticket booking app development services can include features to meet some of the important objectives like

  1. Effective and cost-efficient tool to book tickets anytime, anywhere
  2. Searching events based on keywords and phrases through a simple navigation
  3. In-app feature of selecting seats and payment securely
  4. List of theaters and showing trailers of movies
  5. Review and feedback posting

 Let’s have a walkthrough of necessary features of an event ticket booking solution. 

Like on-demand and other B2C mobile apps, the event ticket booking app has two parts- User panel and Admin panel. These two panels have different features to meet the diverse requirements of entirely different classes- customers and management.

Basic Features of User Panel

  • Registration and Log-in

This is the first feature of any B2C app. The user can register either by phone number or through social accounts. It can give you valuable information about the user like name, email id, and mobile number. 

  • Location

The user’s location is found with the help of GPS technology. The app shows information about nearby events and programs based on the user’s location. The user can also select the location manually to proceed. 

  • Filter

This feature enables app users to choose events or movies by different options like the place, time, and reviews. 

  • Event Listing with Details

The home screen shows the list of ongoing and upcoming events as well as movies in a particular city or region. The app shows timings and places of events on the basis of filters applied by the app users. 

  • Rating and Review

This feature is specifically for users. Here the app users give a review and rating to the event after attending it. It is called the user’s word. 

  • Ticket Booking

Event ticket booking app development process enables your app to send the eTicket and mTicket on the email address and mobile number respectively. In a way, the ticket booking feature confirms the booking and send the ticket automatically. 

  • Ticket Download

Apart from booking, this feature enables the users to download ticket. It is easy to get the physical ticket for the event or movie. 

  • Booking History

Your customers can view the history of their bookings through this feature. The booking history feature also acts as a reference, especially for regular events and programs. 

  • Booking Screen

Event ticket booking app development services enable your customers to see their reservation and status of tickets on the booking screen. What’s more, when it comes to select the seat, the booking screen can show them the real-time open positions so that users can choose the seat of their choice. 

Additionally, you can also include features like rewards for a loyalty program and social media integration to enable your app users to share their thoughts through a social network.  

Basic Features of Admin Panel

  • Customized Dashboard

The dashboard is one of the most important features for the Admin panel. It gives a comprehensive look at the app’s performance and provides complete control of key operations. It also shows the real-time analytics like the download rate, events genre that gets the maximum attention, and the like. The dashboard can be made customizable for modifying features and color scheme or fonts as per your business model. 

  • Show/Event Management

This is one of the most important features of the Admin side. It enables the admin or the management to add or edit events. They can modify the event or program details also through this feature. What’s more, if some event is organized for charity or a cultural program has special rates of tickets, it is easy to inform the app users through this feature. 

  • Venue Management

At times, a specific event or program postpones or its place is changed for some reasons. Venue management feature enables you to change the venue details instantly. 

  • Content Management

When you hire event ticket booking app developers, they can integrate content management feature in the app. It enables the admin to update or delete the details of the event along with terms and conditions for booking. 

  • Push Notification

It is easy to send personalized notifications and alerts to app users through this feature. If the user has requested for sending alerts for a particular event or program, this feature enables the admin to send an alert regarding the same.  

  • Booking Manager

This feature keeps the admin updated with the current booking situation. It also shows the timing of bookings for particular events and movies. 

  • Account Management

This feature enables the admin to manage revenue. You can readily filter the earnings by date, users, venue, location, and other parameters. You can also get the actual amount after deducting the amount of promotional offers and discounts. 

You should also add features necessary to manage promotional offers, reward program, and ticket scanning in the admin panel. 

Also, you can take the assistance of event ticket booking app development services for integrating advanced features like Google Map integration for more accurate location finding, smart search for more extensive search, and integrated calendar for recording alerts.


Event Ticket Booking App Development Cost- Important Aspects to Consider

The development cost of any customized business mobile app depends on some common factors. When it comes to event ticket booking app solution, the same factors determine its cost.

They are-

1. Platform

Platform selection is important for the event ticket booking mobile app development. You can choose the platform based on the location of a target audience. For example, if you want to address the audience consists of Asian and African smartphone users, then you should go for an Android app. But, it is better to go with iOS if your target audience resides in the US or Europe. 

Android app development is costlier than iOS app development process. It is because the iOS apps are tested on fewer devices but Android apps are tested on many devices. 

If the budget does not permit, the cross-platform app development remains a reasonable yet effective option to address a huge audience globally.

2. Complexity

App’s features determine its complexity. For example, basic features with simple design are the characteristics of a less complex app that can be developed in a short time. But, if you want to integrate complex features like social media integration and customization options for users, then your app becomes more complex and takes more time to develop. The app development cost is higher for a complex app and lower for a basic app. 

3. Feature Integration

Apart from basic features, you can consider integrating additional, user-friendly features to make your app more appealing than its counterparts. For example, you can integrate the mobile wallet to meet several payment issues efficiently through event ticket booking app development services. But then, this feature is costlier than the integration of payment gateways.  

4. Duration

An event ticket booking app development company decides the cost on the basis of the time required to build an app. A robust and complex app can take more time to develop, and therefore, it costs more as compared to a simple app. 

Feature integration and design have a significant impact on the app’s development time. You want a compelling and visually-appealing design for your ticket booking app. It can increase the development cost. However, you can get better revenue over the period through such an engaging app. 

5. Hourly rate  

When you hire mobile app developers, their hourly rates matter. It is because we find a great variation in the hourly rates of developers across different parts of the world. The US and Canada-based app developers charge anywhere between $150 to $250 an hour, whereas, the rates of Indian app developers start from just $25 an hour. 

This variation plays a vital role in deciding the development cost especially when you want to develop a feature-rich and complex application for your ticket booking business. 

It is better to contact some top mobile app development companies and get free quotes from them on the basis of your app requirements. 

Wrapping Up

It is fair to mention that a ticket booking mobile app enhances the business value. You can retain the customers by offering them an excellent facility to reserve their seats in the events they like on the move. An event ticket booking app development company can guide you to come up with a customized app in a cost-effective way. 

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