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Everything About On-Demand Service Apps | The Next Big Trend

The on-demand industry is booming with a rapid pace, its future is really bright. So its right time to jump in On Demand Services industry.

Everything About On-Demand Service Apps | The Next Big Trend

Wednesday December 25, 2019,

5 min Read

On Demand Services | The Next Generation Trend

According to the latest PwC report, “the market for On-demand mobile apps and websites will reach a significant value of $335Billion by the year 2025”. The On-demand mobile app economy is prompting over 22.4 million users annually to spend around $57.6 billion to get real-time services and they are happy making the payment. 

What is an on-demand app?

The on-demand service app is a platform which allows users to avail various kind of services in a few taps with a very convenient manner. Today business owners are using these on-demand service apps to enhance their online business reputation and growth. According to market experts, the on-demand apps are more efficient for all business model and push business limits to succeed in the competitive market. 

Industries which are using On-Demand Apps

Today almost every industries are using on-demand apps to enhance their business reach in the competitive edge. Here we are discussing few industries which availing on-demand apps benefits. 

Food ordering and Delivery Industry 

The food industry is fetching the benefits of on-demand apps to deliver food with real-time tracking. On-demand apps have not only helped the restaurant businesses’ owners to improve the quality of customer services but also enabled them to go beyond their boundaries in renovating their businesses. 

Entertainment Industry 

With on-demand apps, entertainment becomes an ongoing process. The entertainment industry is spreading its wings by allowing people to watch their favorite TV serials, web series and movies at anytime and anywhere.

Travel Industry 

Previously it was very hectic to hire a taxi on an urgent basis but now with On Demand Taxi App, we can hire a taxi even in midnight. Today, taxi booking companies are gaining huge recognization even in a small town. 

Healthcare Industry 

In the healthcare industry, apps have become a godsend for as it helps doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to oversee the health condition of their patients remotely.

Fitness Industry 

Fitness industry employing the strength of mobile apps for offering personalized exercise and ability to track peoples’ steps in a day, calories they burn, what their heart rate is, or what their blood pressure is.

Beauty Industry 

On-demand services have evolved remarkably in recent years and have taken the beauty industry to the next phase. Beauty services have gained bump because they saved the traveling time as well as the time spent waiting for services. 

Benefits of On-Demand Service App

Retain Customers 

With on-demand service app, companies can retain their existing customers by offering a personalized touch which directly helps them to achieve the desired ROI. 

Boost Conversion Rates

On-demand services allow companies to boost their conversion rates by introducing customized services and instant notification which force users to click on the payment button. 

Ensure Security 

Any business wants to keep their data safe and secure without losing confidentiality. When you go with on-demand services, you can be sure your app data will be safe. 

Offer Unlimited Business Opportunities

Online business application development provides huge new opportunities to businesses by opening the doors of new rooms to fulfill customer satisfaction. 

Build ‘Business-Customer’ Relationship

On-demand apps help businesses to build a close relationship with their customers by sending personalized offers to them. 

What are the Key Features of On-Demand Apps?

The main features of on-demand apps are:

Customer app features

  • Notification
  • Review and rating
  • Multiple payments facilities
  • Order history
  • Wish list
  • Booking cancellation
  • GPS tracking
  • Activity list

Admin app features:

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Managing Service Providers
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Pricing and Commissions
  • Service Tracking
  • Delivery tracking
  • Analytics and Reporting

What are the examples of the on-demand app? 


Netflix is the best creation of entertainment app development, it's a streaming app that allows users to watch a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. 


Ola Cabs is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing and On-Demand Taxi App. With Ola, users can book cabs through a mobile app and website. It accepts both cash and cashless payments with Ola money.


Postmates is an American logistics company launched in 2011, till then it never looked back and pioneered the on-demand delivery movement in the United States.


Swiggy is one of the known On-Demand food delivery apps, which offers an on-demand food delivery platform designed to provide food from neighborhood restaurants to the customers. 

What are the Challenges of On-Demand Service?

  • On-demand services sometimes fail to deal with the customers' impatience. This change in the customer's behavior creates a slump in their growth.

  • The on-demand market is highly competitive as it flooded with all categories of on-demand services. 

  • Many entrepreneurs jump onto this field without having a clear vision for the future. Because of this, market bandwidth automatically unnecessary gets increased.  

  • On-Demand services in the hyperlocal space require a lot of time to settle in. Thus, time acts as a roadblock for some startups to flourish in a full-fledged manner.

Is Future of On-Demand Service Apps Bright?

  • According to Harvard Business Review, every year the On-Demand industry attracting more than 22.4 million consumers, and the spending is about $57.6 billion. 

  • Online markets are spending the most with 16.3 million consumers who on average spend $36 billion every year.  

Summing up 

The on-demand service industry is mushrooming with a rapid pace and almost covered all industries in its waves. Its future is really bright if you are looking for a mobile app development company for your business then this the right time to hire an experienced tech partner for your business.