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Evibe.in Virtual Parties

Evibe.in Virtual Parties

Thursday April 23, 2020,

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Virtual Birthday Parties

Evibe.in is an online platform to plan family celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and others. We make it extremely easy and stress-free for people who are planning to host a memorable celebration. On the other hand, we help creative artists, decorators, bakers & others help grow their business while they focus on their core strength, which is entertaining guests. We are available in Bangalore, Hyderabad and help 1000s of customers every month.  However, due to COVID-19, due to the nature of our business, i.e events and gathering, our Business was badly affected. We had to ensure the safety of our partners, customers and employees and hence have suspended our operations before the India Govt. came up with the lockdowns. Our large vision to enable Billions of memories forced us to think beyond the usual, so that a lot of people are not disappointed for not being able to celebrate their special occasions, especially, kids.

Due to the pandemic, the world is grappling with the fact that it's getting interestingly difficult to maintain relationships and spend special moments like birthdays together. Birthdays, as a celebration, are really important to children and even to us adults as well. It is very difficult to make kids understand the situation. They just feel left out because they can't get in touch with their friends and cousins or have their birthdays celebrated. Sometimes they delve into the memories of their last birthday or just become sad. We as adults find it difficult to understand the complexity of this pandemic and we definitely can't expect kids to get the gravity of the situation.  Most of the time they play with their toys or watch cartoons or their favourite shows over the internet or on TV. This sudden change in lifestyle caused by social distancing also affects the child's mental health. Being with family and friends while growing up not only just makes us happy and helps in building memories, but also builds character and bonds that we cherish during lifetime. Thus it's difficult, especially for kids to be ok and be happy. These are the best days of their life and lockdown or any pandemic shouldn’t stop their experience of life. 

Parents are aware of all the above facts. They duly understand the role played by friends and family in a kid’s life. They try to engage their kid as much as possible. They try to connect them with their friends and favorite cousins through video call. But not all parents are tech savvy.

There are issues like call drop, unavailability of adding more people to the call, like sometimes in a video call you cannot add more participants or merely not being able to connect with loved ones that come in the way of a celebration. All these setbacks dampen the celebration mood. Even if the parents are able to connect everyone together and arrange games for them to play through video call, they are super tired. They are not able to enjoy their kids, as the whole process is very tasking. And as per our survey, 95% of the parents find it very tiring and time taking. They want something which they can enjoy with their kid and create memories, even in these adverse conditions. And why shouldn't they? Life never stops, time never halts. We need to cease the moments. 

It all started with Mrs. Gupta’s inquiry. April is Rohan’s favourite month because on April 11 he can do whatever he can. It's his birthday. Previous year, because of summer vacation, most of his friends were travelling or visiting some relatives. But he had a party and he enjoyed it alot. 

But this year, this lockdown brought all his friends together and they had a blast. 

Rohan’s mother, Anjali Gupta, was surfing the internet for suggestions on birthday celebrations. She came across  our website and contacted us. She was looking for something beautiful and special for her son. We understood her situation and we got to work. 

Our team brainstormed and we came up with an idea. Virtual birthday celebrations. We used the video conferencing apps and sent Boss Baby digital invitation  cards to all of Rohan’s friends to attend his birthday party. Our host came on board to conduct the birthday celebration. She made all of them play games. After that Rohan had his cake cutting ceremony and everyone danced to some groovy music. It was awesome.

Thus, we bring to our clients the joy of celebrating birthday parties at home- Virtually. Evibe facilitates the logistics of throwing a birthday party and aims to create a lasting impression in the child's mind.

Right from organizing invitees to facilitating the virtual meeting to hosting the event- we've got it covered.

As a company, we identified that it's our social responsibility to promote mental health and happiness during a global crisis and we believe, having virtual celebrations is our way of maintaining a sense of safety and happiness amidst people.

We intend to build a sense of closeness among people with virtual parties thereby encouraging social distancing and celebrations amidst adverse times because we are on a mission to enable a billion memories. And that is why we are providing this service at a very minimal rate so that anyone can come and celebrate life the way they intend. It is not just a kid's birthday party we are focusing on, we are trying to bring people together during these challenging times. 

So what's holding you back? Join in for a celebration of love, laughter and fun!