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What Exclusive Features Your Travel App Development Needs?

The travel app development market is growing at a rapid pace. Also, the users are planning now more trips all due to globalization.

What Exclusive Features Your Travel App Development Needs?

Thursday November 21, 2019,

8 min Read

Smartphones are making life easier and the users prefer to utilize the apps for their daily tasks. The addiction to automated devices gave birth to advanced machine learning, which has privileged every industry by providing behavioral information about the user. The innovative apps make use of the sensitive information and automate the task upon prediction-based analysis. Among the number of frequently used apps, travel apps also share a great percentage of traffic.

Therefore, if you have decided to start a travel mobile app development initiative for your company, you are making the smart move. However, publishing and app will not let you gather lead and grab opportunities. The probability of generating the leads and gaining the traffic is slim if your app s not loaded with the potential features. Therefore, putting some exclusive features for the app is essential.

If you wish to have your app on the top preference of users and want it to be noticed, and engaged, here are some of the most essential features. This article shows the top features especially as a guide to a newbie who have little blur idea of their prospective app.

Travel Itinerary generator

This is one of the exclusive features, which is much appreciated by users. The enthusiasts demand the feature, which asks the user for his desired location to visit. Also, the itinerary generator automatically creates a travel plan for it. The travel services like Trip Hobo works this way and let the user mention the existing tourist attraction and add custom landmark. The app automatically creates its custom trip plan. Although verily appreciated by users, such an algorithm is not easy and takes time and skill. If you want this feature to be integrated into your app, you must ask while hiring a developer for your project.

Navigational Map services

The most essential and frequently used feature is the Positioning system in mobile app development solutions. The GPS based location services are used by users to drop the pin at a certain location for finding the nearby stay. After dropping the pin at a certain location, a user searches for the nearby stay, cafe, etc. Your travel app user expects your app to have the GPS lock, location tracking and able to fetch the quick results. The famous app RunGo works fine with the features and allows users to search for all nearby services while on the trip.

Weather or Climate Forecasting

Usually, tourists plan their trip without thinking of climate change. The unplanned journey sometimes results in the sudden canceling of the trips. The climate-forecasting feature of the app can help the user predict the climate condition at the time of the journey. To prevent the calamities, the travel app should be integrated with the real-time weather forecast to help with trip planning.

There are a few famous apps, which displays weather prediction for locations all over the world. The feature lets the user check the cloud formation, humidity level, wind speed and other important weather factors before trips.

In-app language translator

The world is too large. There are too many countries, and so are the numbers of languages. Most of the time travelers are not so familiar with the regional languages. Often they suffer from the problem of communication. The apps such as Google Translate help users in scanning the text and give the visual translation for those. Also, users can get the translation of the voice data in their languages from mobile app development solutions. Although not so common, if you incorporate the feature in your app, your app can stand out of the crowd and have something exclusive for the users.

Currency converter

This is one of the most crucial demands. This requires you to think from the user's perspective. You go for a trip and you need to exchange the currency. The currency rates always keep changing and the user needs to know the currency rates. If you incorporate some currency exchange features into your app, the user needs not to look beyond the app. Once you hire an app developer, you must take a cue from the XE currency app, which offers the real-time variation of currency.

World Clock Time Converter

The standard GMT is the basis of all time variation around the globe. The crossing time zone can confuse tourists. Estimating the exact time zones causes a state of confusion for tourists. If this were also a feature in your travel app, it would be an advantage. Also, the user needs not to install an extra app. There are several apps, which offers such service, and saves the user's valuable time by offering correct time variation of different time zones.

Emergency services

No time is specific for the emergency requirements. It can come anytime. Every travels mobile app development company is recommended to include this emergency service feature into the app. Also, make sure that travelers can access them when the need arises. Besides, in the case of an emergency, the local traffic guide is also important for knowing the shortest route for reaching the destination.

Uber-like App Service Integration

Uber's model of an app is the most prevalent one today. A tourist always needs a conveyance service, whether from the airport to hotel or hotel to some tourist spot. The cab services are the most important part of any trip plan. Therefore, the tourist expects the travel app development company to offer a similar feature with its app. Alongside this, the app can also be integrated with the third-party API from Uber, which also offers an extra income for travel app developers. This can be a successful business model.

Social Dining

When a tourist plans a trip or lands on to the airport, he needs to book some hotel or dining. For the same, he needs to have an extra app. Trip is always the fantasy around some exotic dining. The user always demands some new experience instead of the same old hotel room. Dining with the amazing ambiance in some chef's house is much more interesting. The new concept is gaining popularity and the mobile app development solution is now taking this to a new level. You must discuss it with the developer to integrate the feature.

Few general features

Search by holiday

Usually, the trip is planned for the holidays. If the travel app development company offers the holiday trip packages for the list of holidays over the year, it would be convenient for the users to plan the trip. Also, you can provide users with the type, lifestyles and facility feature for the app that can help the user look for additional needs.

Browse by destination

Where to go? It is the biggest question when you plan a trip. Every user wants to know about the places, spots to visit, holiday destinations and deal packages. The destination option must also provide information about the details, climate, travel facility, etc.

Wish lists

Many users love to explore the destinations and want to save the data for later plans. Also, there are few users, who do not book anything but prefer to search for travel spots. Letting the user save their desired location and searches can help them in planning the trip in the future. This makes the trip planning easy and users come to keep coming to your app. An app expects the feature from travel app developers.


Whatever is the field, whether an app or a website, Reviews are the crucial things to be followed. Every customer wants to read the feedback from other clients. This lets the user know, the candid review about the place, ambiance, dining facilities, and other features. A user plans the trip for multiple places and then chooses the one place based upon the reviews.


The travel app development market is growing at a rapid pace. Also, the users are planning now more trips all due to globalization. Distances are getting shorter, so are the feature of an app. For targeting the traffic, you must incorporate some exclusive features in your app. offering the services freely or pushing some features as free is also the option to bring some more traffic.

Once users visit and save the wish list, they may or may not later use the same app for visiting the place. The apps have propelled the traveling industry and the businesses are hiring the app developers for the same.