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How to upgrade yourself in life and career? – 8 Ways to Follow up

How to upgrade yourself in life and career? – 8 Ways to Follow up

Thursday July 04, 2019,

6 min Read

In this fastest growing world, transformation is going on in each and every field either in business or career. The major changes and new plans are taking place and getting introduced in the world. The changes are happening very fast that each one of us can become out-dated if we cannot upgrade ourselves with the changes happening around the world.

Therefore, up-gradation is required in our life to exist happily in this rapid growth and development era. In this content, I’ll mention ten strategies which you can implement to upgrade yourself in life and career.

Here are the 8 ways you should follow to upgrade yourself each day:

1. Self-clarity:

With the growth and development in too many fields, a lot of us get confused on which option to choose for better growth and success. Sometimes, we start following other people goals while listening to their achievements.

But remember, you don’t have to decide your goals on the basis of someone else achievement and success. You need to be clear about yourself and knowing your inner self. This can be done through a peaceful mediation in the morning. Not only this will help you in knowing yourself better, but it will also make you focused and dedicated. You will not get distracted by anything that comes in your and will be constantly focusing on your objectives.

2. Reading self-help books:

In this hard and fast lifestyle, most of us do not want to invest time in reading books. Instead we do search for short cut methods that can help us understand the things. Most of us do watch videos constantly on concerned topics, but does it make an effect?

It may be yes, but not that much. The short cut methods have a very limited understanding which can never retain in mind as we watch lot of videos each day. It may not be so much because it has limited understanding and second, you will be forgetting it easily. We do watch many videos each day, and series each day, but how many of such videos do we remember?

We must limit the time in that and should invest it in reading quality life books each day. You can start slowly with small target like – “Today I will read 50 pages from this book”. 

3. Staying updated with the latest trends and changes taking place across the globe:

 Nowadays, technology has brought latest innovation in the world. We can easily get aware about each and every event happening around the globe just with few clicks. It is not difficult to be aware about these as it was previously. You can subscribe to some genuine pages or channels who regularly update each and every latest trends and changes happening in your industry or career goals.

This will make you aware about the latest changes and you can make right decisions and implement strategies by being aware about it. This will reduce your chances of losses or failure and do a pre-planning. A lot of us being unaware of these changes are often left behind their goals and they may also suffer losses. Therefore, it’s better to do pre-planning and stay updated with the changes to act on time.


4. Do case study of the major changes and its impact:

Whenever any major changes take place, you should start doing its case study to deeply understand its impact on your business or your career. Once you closely examine the changes, you will be able to identify the good and bad impacts it may have. You can make better plans to get the more benefit out of it. If the changes have a good impact, then you can make such strategies which can help you in taking more benefit out of it. If the changes having a dark impact, therefore, you should quickly make such strategies which can reduce your losses or suffering which was likely to happen because of that.

5. Damage your anger and frustration before it damages you:

Anger and frustration have major impact on our life. So many decisions made in angry and frustration have led to major losses. Therefore, it’s better to kill the anger and frustration before it can actually damage you.

Now how to damage the anger and frustration?

-Well, simply you need to find out the reason of your anger or frustration and then take steps to fix the reasons. If the reason doesn’t seem to be eliminated by your side, then you need to try forgetting it and the things associated with it. You can divert your mind through reading books, doing meditation, walking, or getting engaged in your hobbies and activities.


6. Cut negativity from your life:

Negativity is one of the major factors which only create troubles or issues in everyone’s life. It is better to remove every negativity and negative approaches out of your life. You should not consider the people who are always talking on negative factors. You need to remember that there are more negative factors spreading quickly than the positive ones. This negativity around us can easily trap us in the negative influence and we can be on the darker side thinking in the same way. Therefore, we should come out of every such negative influence, group or the person.

7. Don’t consider any past experience which has no relation with your future goals:

Most of us keep living our life with the past memories. Each time something bad happens with us, we recollect and connect this with our past. This makes the scene more painful than actually it was. Sometimes, we make wrong decisions based on our past experiences which are not relevant to the future goals. While deciding our future goals or decisions, we should not take account of such past experiences which are not related with the future plan.

8. Start visualising your goals and implement the strategies to achieve it and keeping in mind the competition around the world:

As it’s already said in many quotes that before actually achieving the goals, we need to visualise about it. But a visualisation about the goals won’t do anything until the strategies are not implemented. So, do visualise the goals and also make strategies to implement those strategies faster than the others. Remember the world is changing at very fast speed, and you should also believe in fast implementation and upgrading yourself faster. This will surely make you sustain and grow in your business, life and career.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. Hope you start upgrading yourself and succeed in life. Wish you all the best to the upcoming phases of your life.

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