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Benefits of Using a Waste Heat Recovery System

Benefits of Using a Waste Heat Recovery System

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

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The need for companies to limit their greenhouse gas emissions and reduce carbon footprint is increasing. This has resulted in the development of cost-effective ways to capture wasted heat. A waste heat recovery system is an effective way to achieve this.

Waste heat recovery systems are employed in a facility to capture hot gas that is released from industrial equipment. Read on to learn the benefits of these systems so you can decide how you can use them in your facility.

Hot gas released from industrial equipment like incinerators, oxidizers, turbines, and gasifiers is captured by waste heat recovery systems and the produced energy is utilizing for other industrial processes. This practice ensures reuse of heat energy that would otherwise go to waste.

It has a powerful impact, on individual businesses as well as on industries as a whole.

Here are the top reasons for industries using waste heat recovery:

1) Increased Efficiency

We are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency. This is seen from the high efficiency appliances in our homes to the fuel-efficient cars that have been invented. Waste heat recovery systems help to enhance efficiency on a large scale, like in large manufacturing facilities and production plants. With this system a relatively small change can profoundly impact efficiency, on the industry level and the larger scale.

2)Resource Conservation

With the world population at a high, we are consuming resources at a much faster rate than they are being replenished. In such a scenario it is crucial that precious resources be used efficiently and be conserved as much as possible. This responsibility is especially greater for large scale businesses. Sometimes installing a waste heat recovery system can eliminate the need for another source of heat altogether. This has a significant impact to the conservation of energy sources.

3) Waste Reduction

Processes that involve plant heating and manufacturing inevitably result in the production of waste. Some waste is unavoidable, but heat waste can be repurposed instead of discarded. Redirecting waste gas and reusing it as a heat source can reduce the waste produced by a facility and released into the atmosphere.

4) Reduce Plant’s Operating Costs

After repurposing heat from your plant’s operations you can integrate it into your internal processes which will help you meet operational demands. Operational costs will be reduced by using this new energy for applications that require both heating and cooling.

5) Reduce Your Plant’s Energy Consumption

The technology used in a waste heat recovery system enables companies to reduce waste and increase their efficiency. On a plant level, implementing this system can reduce your plant’s energy consumption by a lot. Every unit of captured waste heat directly replaces each unit of purchased energy. Repurposing this energy leads to huge savings in energy costs.

6) Aids in Repurposing Dangerous Emissions

While waste heat recovery can help in saving energy and reducing waste, it is instrumental to handling the dangerous waste generated from industrial processes. The waste gases expelled are often dangerous and toxic. They cannot be released into the atmosphere directly and need to be incinerated first.

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