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All we have one life to live , use it to the maximum without any limits.

Wednesday December 14, 2016,

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As i start my story , my first topic would be fitness, overall fitness that includes mind , body and soul ,in order to compete in this world we need to have a sharp mind a pure soul and also an active body , that gives maximum results of the efforts we put in, most of time we feel lazy , exhausted without doing any kind of work.

So to achieve success we need to have 100% focus in what we want the goals should be absolutely clear so that we can focus our energy in one direction, after all we have this one life to accomplish our dreams so why waste it useless things around.

To start, the first level is body:

We need to detox our body internally for that we need to drink lots of water in morning , maximum benefits can be gained with water, also we can mix lemon,honey in hot water that cleans the body and gives a kick to our metabolism , and our whole day depends on the way we start our morning.

When we conquer our body next step is mind we need to keep our mind alert and active that is linked with the way our body is functioning so for mind the best activity can be to be active in present moment , that's where we live and survive ant not in the past or future if we are able to control our mind we will get the complete power over what work we are doing , we can excel everywhere, mind is like a monkey that jumps from one thought to another we need to bring it to present moment which can be done by focusing on breath that is the best technique to be present and alert.

Remember all you have is this moment to live neither your past nor your future so nothing can be important than what you are currently doing!! so go and give your 100%

Last and the most important step is soul that can be achieved only through meditation and when you completely conquer your body and mind you automatically start getting connected to your soul stay close to nature that will make you at peace and not to forget meditation can take you inside to an level to can't imagine.