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3 importance of mobile app development to e-commerce business

Nowadays, mobile apps are vital to the e-commerce business.

3 importance of mobile app development to e-commerce business

Wednesday February 21, 2018,

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A highly optimized and well-designed online store is essential for any e-commerce business. Even though a lot of top app development companies try to stress the importance of creating a mobile application for your store, a lot of retailers still hold some doubt. However, here’s why mobile apps are vital to the e-commerce business.

1. Helps to bring customer loyalty

In today’s world, top app development companies in India are in high demand because of their ability to build mobile applications that generate brand loyalty. The statistics from Adobe shows that approximately 67% of mobile device users who shop online prefer applications that their favorite brands and companies offer. Therefore mobile app development strengthens the connection between customers and online stores. If you’re trying to increase the download and installation of your app, simply offer potential users limited discounts and exclusive proposals for installing the application. Some of the reasons why mobile applications help to improve customer loyalty are highlighted below.

• Apps load faster than websites

Applications usually load content more quickly than a lot of websites will. But certain retailers don’t get that a slowly loading website can kill their business from the very start. Customers can’t stand slow sites and would leave for a different market participant as a result of this poor user experience. The data recorded by kissmetrics show that 40 percent of visitors will move to a different site if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, online stores need to open fast enough if they wish to cultivate a following of loyal customers.

It is at this point that mobile apps have a significant advantage over websites and why top app development companies work closely with a lot of e-commerce business. Some of the best mobile e-commerce apps don’t even need an internet connection to deliver basic functionality such as price checking or product comparison to their users. Websites, on the other hand, require a constant internet connection to keep their contents up to date.

In the same way that speed affects websites, mobile apps also need to be fast since most users will uninstall a mobile app from their device if said app loads very slowly.

• Mobile Apps provide greater usability

Because applications don’t necessarily need to be able to access the internet to work correctly, it, in turn, leads to improved usability of mobile solutions. This allows mobile applications to load high definition images and heavy animations fast giving e-commerce app designs a modern, stylish, and bright look.

• Apps leads to increased user engagement

It is common knowledge that mobile apps promote users to share the links to their favorite sites between one another, services using social networks, and even requesting of feedbacks from friends. This is one of the most budget-friendly and effective ways to advertise your business. Every one of your loyal customer with the app is automatically a live platform for promotion on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Users love exclusive items and things. So why not give special offers to anyone who has your app installed? You can guarantee they’ll be pleased to share a few links to your website.

2. Increase in App Usage Tendency leads to an increase in the development of mobile e-commerce app

The mobile e-commerce is a rapidly growing market that helps business owners create and strengthen a connection between their customers. Nowadays, you can sit in the comforts of your home and purchase a product from a store in another country. Online shopping revolutionized the way buying and selling of products are carried out. If you own a business and are yet to get an app for said business, then you may want to locate some top app development companies that can create an app for your store.

Data from Statista shows that 22.3% of digital trades were carried out on mobile devices in the first market quarter of 2017 in the US alone. In the previous three years, the numbers have been steadily multiplying since the second market quarter of 2010.

Statistics also show that users spend at least 90% of their interaction with their mobile devices on applications. The data also show that 79% of smartphone users also have at least one retailer app on their device with 10% of them having up to 6.

3. It Helps Business Owners to Establish an Advanced Marketing Strategy

Thanks to the efforts of top app development companies and the ever-growing functionality of mobile apps, online retailers can monitor user interaction better and get more detailed analytics than websites. Because of these advantages, business owners can personalize their content and in turn, apply an even more advanced system of recommendation to help increase conversion. However, an effective recommendation system is not the only use mobile apps provide online stores with.

• Mobile Apps make use of smartphone features

The mobile applications that have been created today by top app development companies usually include various options for interaction and engagement. Another service that websites cannot provide gives customers the chance to show off what they just bought to their friends with an inbuilt camera without having to leave the site. But this is easily done on an app. Another way of increasing user engagement is to employ a voice recognition feature that’ll give users the ability to navigate the menu or even subscribe to the store’s newsletter.

• Push Notifications helps to increase conversion

A lot of the major mobile e-commerce apps send push notifications on a regular basis to smartphone users. Push notifications are a much cheaper channel for promotion than traditional SMS. They remove the need to have a database of different phone numbers. Additionally, push notifications are far more effective than emails as they can be readily accessed by users unless they turned their notifications off. Push notifications are also hard to ignore, and there is not spam folder for them.


It is evident that mobile app development is a necessary step for e-commerce business owners. If you’re just starting a business and checking the market, a responsive website will be more than enough for your needs. But to get a significant share of the market, you’ll need to develop a mobile app. This’ll help you attract customers, come up with advanced marketing strategies and help to increase your income.