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Top 5 social games websites to visit

As a kid you must have played lots of games and still if you are fan of it then you can visit the following Top 5 Social Games Websites we are about to mention in this article. So sit back and let us tell you about the Social Gaming Sites from where you can play a variety of Social Games.

Top 5 social games websites to visit

Thursday May 17, 2018,

6 min Read


What are Social Network Games?

Many of us have played many Social Networking Games but don’t know what they really are. Let’s look at what are Social Network Games, its benefits and the technology used.

These games are online games which are played on different social networks. These games involve multi-players aging form 10years to 50 years. Both genders male and female play these Social Network Games. Many aspects of the traditional video games were added in this type.

What Technology is used?

Social Network Games is also called client-server application. This application is a mixture of technologies like Flash, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, objective-C, swift and C++

Benefits of Social Network Games! Surprised:

To your utmost surprise the Social Network Games have lots of benefits. Many people will think benefits of Social Network Games but it is true. These Websites Games have lots of benefits if used in the right way.

When you are doing your house job as a medical student and want to specialize in surgery then some Social Network Games provide facility of virtual surgery practice. You will make a few minor errors not on real patients but on virtual ones but you will gain perfection.

Many Social Network Games help the patients suffering from Dyslexia in reading and learning. The constant change in the environment of certain games gives the gamer intense focus. After playing a heavy action game, it has been noticed after that the patient’s focus on reading improved.

Our parents used to tell us not to sit too close to the TV but researchers have found out that concentration on discovering games can improve the eyesight without any strain. The people who played Social Network Discovering Games enhanced their vision and distinguished fifty different shades of grey.

Another benefit of Social Network Games is that some games require the player to exhibit leadership traits. If he displays these same traits in real life in a proper manner then he can improve his carrier and go towards the goals in his life.

Some Social Network Games are inspired by the history of the world so the games are informatics and give the player a chance to understand history and the turning points in the process. These games can help kids with learning about history.

Social Network Games are full of sports games that encourage kids to play different kinds of sports. There are practice modes in sports games that help gamers in doing physical activities such as tennis, basket ball, foot ball and other sports.

Have you ever noticed when you solve a puzzle the rate of solving the next increase? This is because the enzymes in the brain boost the efficiency of work and slows down the aging process of the body. This helps the older players to increase the cognitive functioning.

At many times during our childhood the doctor when giving an injection says many different things to distract us, so that the pain is diverted. Same can be done for other pains through Social Network Games. A player can be so indulged in the game that he can even resist surgery pain.

There is a reason that these are called Social Network Games because gamers can connect to each other via social media. They share ideas, strategies, items and virtual money or simply they can become friends forever. This is a new form of socialization.

Patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, who are having problem balancing, Social Network Games can help. Games that are played while standing on a board can help in balance of the MS patients.

The strategy games on the Social Network Games require a quick response to some decisions, so the response rate increases as the player plays these games. Running games ask the gamer to make split second decisions. The virtual life of the player depends on the decisions he makes.

As mentioned earlier, these Social Network Games sometimes ease pain; they can also help in reducing some dangerous addictions such as smoking, drugs and drinking. The person when participates in games, it can divert the mind of the addicted person.

Last but not the least; the Social Network Games are helpful in releasing stress. When you watch your hero or avatar winning or have gained victory over the bad guys, it will release your stress. Also autistics are delicate people who have problem in socially interacting, so virtual reality can help them interact without having touching them.

Top 5 Social Network Gaming sites:

After knowing all these benefits of Social Network Games one has to download a few to gain some advantage. Don’t worry here are top 5 Social Network Gaming sites to choose from.


This is one of the best Social Network Games site. If you are a fan of a casino and cannot go to Las Vegas then is the place for you. There are numerous casino and gambling games to choose from. Also, they have blogs and reviews about different Social Network Games. Moreover, you can collect free coins, chips, and spins etc. Don’t go to any other website for casino games just visit.


It is another famous Social Network Gaming Site that allows players to upload pictures, support your favorite team and manage your online game life. You can also update your gaming status online so as soon as your friend login, they can view your active status. You can play many different game categories to choose from.


This Social Network Games website is a safe place to play with your friends online. You connect to Playfire.con through your Facebook account and find friends there. You can be notified about discussions, videos, stories and can follow a friend.


Although the theme of all the games here is one of hundred of players join this particular Social Network Games website to have an experience of a lifetime. You can connect with other players, guide them, chat with them and share your progress in the game.


You can find other gamers with same interests as yours. You can create your profile, join a community, and meet other players and many more. Earn points and redeem it for cash, video game consoles, iPods and other things.

As you can see these are only the top5 Social Network Games sites. When you search it on the net you can gain access to many more. Before trying out others, I recommend that you first visit these 5 then decide for yourself.