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Meta Therm Furnace Pvt. Ltd Takes A Deep Dive Into The World Of Industrial Ovens

Meta Therm Furnace Pvt. Ltd is the company that provides industrial equipment to the commercial and industrial sectors. Since its inception, it has left no stone unturned to make their company best. We offer a huge range of industrial ovens to meet the demand of various industries. With the quality products and latest technology, our vision is to serve all the industries with these two ingredients meal course.

Thursday November 24, 2016,

4 min Read

In this world of technology, there is no dearth of the electrical items. Every third day the new gadgets and technological products are hitting the headlines with its unique features and specifications. Be it apps, vehicle, game, product, service, equipment or electronic. There is nothing which is far out of reach in the present days. The customer-centric world is engaged in designing some high-end products so that the special moments of the life are crafted carefully with the unforgettable experience. Since 1985, Meta Therm Furnace Pvt. Ltd is also serving the world with the best of its quality products and shipping services. They are renowned as the best Pan Mixer Manufacturers In Mumbai which are rendering the high quality services and products.

In the past many decades there is a big boom in this industry because we are living on the edge of the technology and ovens are one of the most important equipment used in the homes and industries. An oven offers various types of applications like Aging, Annealing, Baking, Bonding, Curing, Drying, Homogenizing, Normalizing, Pre-Heating, Tempering, Sterilization, Stress Reliving, etc. There are various types of the industrial ovens used in industries for the above-mentioned applications. Every oven has its specific function to perform.

We have a huge range of the industrial ovens which includes Powder Coating Oven, Baking Oven, Conveyor Oven, Fuel Fired Oven, Heating Oven, Preheating Oven, Tunnel Oven, Tempering Oven, Curing Oven, Tray Ovens, Electric Oven, Electrode Drying Oven, Drying Oven, Paint Curing Oven, and Hot Air Oven.

Baking Oven - It is widely used in the food industry to bake the various types of food like cakes, dhokla, muffins, cup cakes, idlis and much more. The dough of the dish is put inside and it rises due to the presence of the baking powder. They are used globally in homes and restaurants to bake various types of dishes and desserts. There are various containers and boxes available in the market which is microwave safe. They don't get affected by the high temperature. The baking ovens are not only made for the baking process, it can also be used to heat the dishes.

Hot Air Oven - The device is an electrical device used to sterilize the products used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and various industries. The process of sterilization is done by various methods but hot air ovens are specially designed to carry the process using the dry heat and kill the maximum of germs and bacteria. They can be use to sterilize the product on the high temperature ranging from 50 to 300 °C, using a thermostat to control the temperature. There is equipment available in the market that is microwave safe and can be used in the process. We are known as the best industrial Oven Manufacturers In Mumbai among others.

Electric Oven - The electric ovens are easy to clean and used in the food industry to make various types of the dishes. They are manufactured with the triple wall construction to trap the heat inside and avoid the heat escaping the chambers. It is made with the high density insulating material which ensures the low energy consumption. They are used to heat the dishes, keep them hot and serve them hot. The doors of the oven remain cool no matter how much temperature the oven is carrying inside. It provides high temperature accurately with the help of the PID controller & Thyristor. This also avoids the on-off frequency of the contactor.

Heating Oven - The electrical device is used for heating the various types of the industrial products. They are constructed with the high grade quality materials the for heavy duty performance. The oven is also provided with rock wool slab or ceramic fiber insulation to get the protection against the electrical shocks. The oven features the horizontal, vertical or combinational air flow which provides the uniform heating.