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10 must-have mobile apps for events

Check out the list of these latest mobile apps for events, smarter solutions to plan your next event. 

10 must-have mobile apps for events

Monday July 23, 2018,

5 min Read


It’s a smart world. As per Statista, the number of smart-phone users in 2017 itself was close to 2.3 billion. From managing emails to social presence, it is all in the palm of your hands.

With the world being compacted into a smart-phone screen, why shouldn’t event planners avail the benefits of managing events on the go? Developers have leveraged the progress made in technology. There is now an app for almost everything. There are a lot of mobile apps for events that have come up in the market that can help event professionals coordinate and execute their events easily and more efficiently.

So, here are 10 mobile apps for events that planners must check out to easily manage their events on the go.

1. Tap to Speak

A great audience engagement tool, Tap to Speak lets attendees convert their phones into a microphone with just a tap. It enables multiple modes of communication to rid the old school method of attendee communication by enabling audio communication, text comments and carry out surveys or polls. The starting price of the app is $97 for one-time use. It is available as a web-based cloud solution as well as a smart-phone app for Android and iTunes

2. Hubilo Event App

Hubilo is an all-in-one event technology solution that provides a range of apps from event apps to check-in apps. Event planners can enable a range of features in their event app from basic event details, multi-track scheduling to AI assistants in the form of Facebook bots. An additional plus to Hubilo’s event app is the exclusive networking community for attendees whereby they can interact with fellow attendees, share posts on the event feed, chat or set up meetings with fellow attendees and more. Event planners who organize more than one event a year can also opt for the multi-event app.

3. Photo Butler

Meant to transform the way event images are shared, photo butler is a great app for engaging your event attendees. Photo butler integrates easily with any mobile app through API and SDK integrations. Attendees can create, schedule or live stream their pictures and videos from the event for other attendees to share and engage with. Attendees can also invite other attendees to contribute and share their photo streams.

4. Piing

A way to change the way organizers enable attendee interaction at any event, Piing lets organizers gamify their entire event through the smart-phone. How does it work? Event organizers can select the games that they want to organize during their event from a range of options that the app provides. Once the organizers log in to their account and enable the big screen, attendees can then get their phones out and join in on the fun, gamifying the event.

5. Super Planner

This app is a great time saver for multitasking event planners that need to manage a lot of event planning tasks on the go. The app has multiple features that let event planners calculate capacity based on attendance and vice versa to manage seating plans, set up AV tech effectively, calculate costs and quantities of food and beverages all on the go.

6. Evernote

Evernote is a great tool for project management. Event planners along with their teams can upload and manage multiple documents from handwritten notes, emails, bookmarked websites, and articles to uploaded files available in multiple formats. Planners who are low on budget can go for the free version of the app. If you are an event planner managing a bigger team whereby you may be require brainstorming and coordinate on a larger scale, I’d suggest you go for Evernote business.

7. Shoeboxed

Event budgeting is hands down one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to event planning. Having a handy tool to help you simplify this process is nothing short of a boon. Shoeboxed is a great app that lets you sort out your expenses on the go. You can scan the hard copy of your receipts and turn them into human-verified data, manage expenses, create and email expense reports and streamline your event budgeting process.

8. Slack

Another great tool for coordinating within your event team, Slack is meant to streamline team communication. Your event team can easily collaborate and share their progress apart from important documents, images, files, etc. all through one app. Team members can also video chat and call through the app. Apart from this, Slack also provides a range of integrations with apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, etc.

9. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great tool for event marketing, social media marketing in particular. The Hootsuite app specifically, lets you create and schedule posts for multiple social media networks including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Hootsuite is entirely free for up to three social networks. Apart from the main Hootsuite app, there are more than 150 apps from form builder to Adobe stock that you can download which are compatible with the solution.

10. Google Slides

This app is a great way to manage and collaborate upon speaker presentations on the go. Google Slides is an app that lets you create edit and manage presentations from your device. Collaborators can leave comments and edit suggestions on presentations. Your speakers can go through these suggestions and edit their presentation accordingly. As all of it is on the cloud, no data is lost. It becomes really easy for event planners to store and manage all the presentations for particular sessions on from their phone itself.

These are just a few apps that can come in handy in order to simplify the tedious task that is event planning. The list of mobile apps for events is never-ending. Do share your app suggestions and experience with the community.