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HardWork & Talent!

Wednesday May 11, 2016,

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A Short Story:

It's a story of a student preparing for JEE Entrance Exams, He was used to go to a coaching institute for class 11th and 12th, and was really intelligent but...

He was too lazy, didn't revised any thing that was taught in the classes and didn't study enough!, but he had the talent, yeah he was really smart, he was able to solve problems really fast and those really hard problems with really small effort than other guys,and this fact was clear to his teachers and they were upset of this with him as he didn't put much effort!!, but had the potential.

One day, while attending his class at coaching institute,was merged with the topper batch( yup they exist in engineering entrance coaching institutes)(he was not part of it as i didn't attended the entrance test for that(Lazy Peeps you know :p))

That day, teacher finished up with all the concepts and basics of the topic that was being taught and started with questions. He was always able to do well in the present class as he was able to apply the present topics being taught on questions but if they required topics covered in other lectures, he completely failed. After done with easy and medium questions, his teacher gave class the most difficult question, and said last time this question was solved by 2009 batch student, so after the question was given everyone started scribbling but he didn't(coz of his laziness) , he just started stimulating the problem to a real life problem and finally announced the answer in around 45 seconds and after that sir started smiling(actually a laugh with mouth closed and feeling happy) with some tears in his eyes, everyone was silent, then came his words "i had similar students like you before too, they were also able to solve most easy 10℅ problems and most difficult 10℅ problems", and the answer was correct, nobody except him was able to answer not even anyone from toppers batch, it was a yeah moment for him! with all those proud feelings inside him, he took pride and stood up to ask his teacher " Sir, aise bacho ka IIT mein ho jata hain?" (Translation : Sir, are these kind of students, you are talking about gets selected in IIT?) 

Reply:"Yehi toh samasya hain beta!, yeh bache major 80% bhull jate hain, jisme mehnat chaiye hoti hain "(Translation : This is the problem my son!, these students forget about the major 80%, which needs practice and hard work)

He was happy and sad both rather confused what to feel but his friends said you should be proud you can solve hard problems. Wow! so he sat down back in his seat with a proud smile.

As a child he felt good about it but later worth some more same instances and after the major throwback i.e. He wasn't able to crack IIT exam, he realized that he didn't put much effort required (hard work).

Later on he dropped an year to crack IIT but wasn't able to crack it again, but was able to get a good engineering college, this time again he didn't worked hard, but just a little and was able to nurture his talent(intelligence) and on the basis of small effort he was able to bag that seat.


It goes like this, there are 2 things a person possess Talent and Hard working skills.

Talent, here are your skills,skills that you nurtured by doing some work or Hard work :p, before present.

To win a task, what i think, it takes your talent and hardwork, if you posses some amount let's say x amount of talent in the skills required to accompalish a task, so if x is high, you are required to do less amount of hardwork and if x is low then you have do a lot of harwork, what success in a task takes is hardwork and talent in the skills required for the task. Ok, let me give you a mathematical interpretation of this:

Let Hardwork required = X

and Talent required = Y

X.Y >= Success

Success is some const.

So, we need those values of X and Y for which product is greater than Success, so if you do a lot of hardwork, you require a lot of talent and if you posses lot of skills, you can just put in some efforts to get success in the task.

The climax:

Suppose you posses a lots and lots of talent such that Y-> infinity, but you need to put in at least some effort(hard work) to get the product as some constant, if your hard work becomes zero all that talent comes of no use, as you will not be able to accomplish in that task.

Unfortunately, almost everyone is able to do at least a X-> 0+ amount of hardwork, oh! but the unfortunate thing is that no one can posses Y-> infinity :D, so you will have to do some hard work even if to got lot of talent.

But, the above thing doesn't work in a similar manner for hard work as by putting in hard work you can gather those skills and hence talent to accomplish the task.

So if X is high you can also make Y to accomplish a high value (great :D).

"Hardwork is the key to success."

May Be:

"Hardwork is the only key to success."

Whether you possess lots of talent, you need the hard work to make it big!

One more:

"Hardwork beats talent, when talent doesn't work Hard!"


Cover Photo Source: SuccessPraxis.com