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New technology tools & trends that will control the industry after 2017

Technology has strangely transformed the way we live at the moment, there is no refutation. Compared to our descendants, we travel away from them with diverse technologies for our daily work.

New technology tools & trends that will control the industry after 2017

Saturday November 25, 2017,

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In this objective, we will discuss some of the remarkable trends for the year that make us look beyond the prospect.This year, Gartner has identified block chains, automation, AI and VR, connected homes, expert advisors, machine learning, Software-Distinct security, and more. As global technology trends that have the potential to redesign corporate models and provide industries with the path to developing markets and ecosystems.



Is Blockchain Technology Really the New Internet?

Commonly known as "distributed accounting technology" for business and non-financial transactions, is one of the mysterious conceptions that technologists could not fully understand. Various Blockchain actions helped many people and more companies discover their potential in the banking and finance industry in 2017. This year Blockchain technology is expected to go beyond the banking industry, helping start-ups and recognized companies meet the needs of the market with a variety of application offerings

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Why AI, Machine Learning And Big Data Really Matter To B2B Industry

In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have conquered the world with incredible inventions and innovative technologies. Looking at the progress in this area, there will be no question of experiencing the world where robots and the machine will dominate society. 


Better, Faster, Stronger: What Automation Offers To Brands

Automation will be the backbone throughout 2018, the coming years will be transformative for IT industry, empowering the automation of human achieved tasks. When Machine Learning is shared with automation, the Creativities are likely to witness wide business opportunities with augmented market results.

Software Distinct Security

Security in the world of microservices

In 2017, we saw significant growth in more server security. Many organizations have begun to recognize the importance of cybersecurity to turn it into the digital enterprise. The growth of the cloud-based infrastructure is creating a strong demand for unstructured data management. In addition, the lack of technical know-how and the threat to data security are the main factors hindering the significant growth of the IT security market this year.

Internet of Things and Smart Home Tech

How IoT, AI and Blockchain will revolutionize financial services

With the beginning of IoT, we already look at the world of unified things, right? Our visualizations of living in smart homes are met to some extent in 2018. So what keeps us from realizing our dreams of living in smart, networked homes? Well, the fact is that the market is rich in devices and individual applications, but few solutions integrate them into a single, integrated user experience. It is expected that this development in 2017 will be a big step towards the realization of our dreams.

On-Demand Services

Uber is asking drivers if they want to provide other on-demand services

In recent years, the global market has received an excellent response to on-demand services. With that, the fleet began offering on-demand taxi services and food delivery services in just a few clicks. This trend has triggered the development of various mobile applications and offers multiple services on demand. Although these services are limited to specific regions, they are expected to reach the maximum number of locations in 2018

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality 

Virtual and augmented reality technologies influence consumers' eating experiences

AR and VR convert the way users interrelate with each other and software systems. The year 2017 has knowledgeable lane contravention steps in AR and VR technology.With the launch of this new Rift, the market had received an overpowering response from the users, making way to an excess of VR-based apps and games. The response AR and VR technology has received last year was unbelievable, and it forecasts that the world is ready to adopt this trend to the next levels in 2018.

Big Data is Humanized

Big data has been a big topic in recent years and has caused quite a stir in the global marketplace. The intent is that huge amounts of data we have access to can help us in all the little things, from planning advanced medical treatments to using excellent business development strategies.The biggest strength of big data is its quantitative and numerical basis. By experimenting big business deals enterprises starts poses a big question mark over big data analysis and its decision-making practice. The big data is expected to make significant progress in 2017, which will help marketers humanize and search for qualitative and empathic data to project them more visually...

What is the reflection over these emerging trends?

Most of us know that making conventions is generally a mystifying feat, but to factually predict something related to forthcoming technology in a course of a year time is a pointless exercise. But there may be additions to the above-listed trends with all the above business decisions factors few of the software’s brings attention to Business leaders 











This Software’s will certainly help the Business leaders to plan their future business strategies and to deploy right resources who are having proven expertise in these technologies.