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Beyond academics

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Saturday March 03, 2018,

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Today almost everything has changed .we are not using anything from last 100 the same thing .But our education system is just same as it was 100 years before !! I am asking why???

If you go in the roots of our education system you will find something most interesting that our education system were designed for factory because it was developed during the first evolution of world.

Since then there is a whole new era of revolution has arrived we called as IT revolution but our education system is not so changed.

This is small change that we want to make as a startup that we are developing a concept of whole new education system which will include customised learning,own community,self learning and the most important it gives full freedom to follow your passion.

We are going to do this by directly connecting students to the industry and more focus on application part of an concept rather than theory part .we all need from you is a small support and if you are ready to support we ensure that we can change the system . Your small effort can make a big change .you can sign the petition for the same from below.


*the owner of tedx video is Gautam Khetrapal.