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Why you should start your blog today

Things to know before going deep into blogging

Why you should start your blog today

Monday June 19, 2017,

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What are blogs? Short for weblog, blogs are websites where individuals or organizations post interesting topics or opinions. A blog author (Blogger) links to stories or other websites with relevant and interesting information. Blogging is not just for having fun but improves your personal knowledge, writing skills explores your passion and takes initiatives in a more meaningful way. If doing safely and correctly for the right reasons, you may develop a lifelong portfolio of your career and even change your life. The internet is exploding in a lightning speed right now. More people than ever are online looking for something at any moment, 24/7. This explosion in growth means more potential viewers for your blogs. So don’t wait for everyone else to have something you like and start your own blog today. Keep in mind that starting your blog web page soon- er than later, you can expect many benefits by starting your blog now.

 First of all, blogging is a great way to share your passionate ideas and interests with like-minded people around the world. Blogging can bring you truck load fun and make you happy. A successful blog page can gain you a ton of fame in your respective field and even attract news media attention. Many bloggers are known as experts in the fields just because of their blogs. Beside the spiritual self-satisfaction, blogging can actually improve your sense of responsibility, self-initiative, self-confident and critical thinking; It will help improve your analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and people’s skills. It makes you work and study harder by keeping you thinking, reading and writing to keep up with the rest of world. The best of all it may make you start your on-line business at an early age and may actually make you money by blogging the things teens love the most. You may have just heard that a couple had earned a million dollar a year by just showing their kids unpacking their toy boxes and playing Thomas the Tank Engine on YouTube, which we all did once upon but never thought about that creative way to make such a good money. The same, many top bloggers in the world often can have an enjoyable life; even some part-time bloggers can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly.

This blog is going to be an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on this journey to build you a successful blog webpage on a most popular web based blog application platform in 2015 called WordPress (23% new websites were built with WordPress with 74.6 million sites by now, the websites will be responsive on mobiles and tablets too and get a unique visitors than Amazon). You can download it for free from the internet in just a few minutes and start to practice your skills learned from this blog on its website www.wordpress.com hosting for free also until you are ready to go on your own and you don’t need to know any HTML or other coding languages. We have been building blogs and websites for some times and taught many kids to start their own blog web- pages for free with many success stories.

Building a webpage seems very challenging. But basically, to start a blog web- page needs only three simple steps in a reliable hosting site, choose a domain, select a design and publish your site. However, to become a successful blogger some basic concepts are very beneficial: 

Having a topic you are passionate and want to share with people

Let’s say that blogging is about sharing your passion, knowledge and some interesting topics with the rest of the world on the internet. Choosing a great topic that you are passionate and good-about-it makes your work of starting a successful blog so much easier and fun.

Setting up your blog right at the beginning

We are going to show you exactly how to start a blog webpage with the most popular blog platform WordPress, which can be used from any home or office computer, tablet, or smartphone on your kitchen table or in or bedroom. In this step-by-step guide, we are going to teach you how to create a blog web page and configure the templates so that you get the most out of it in a short time.

Continuing to learn from other bloggers

Like most people, we have to admit that the experience of building our first website was very frustrating and we made hundreds of mistakes and took us very long to search internet classes, tutorial materials and read tons of web de- sign articles, and finally to get to where we are now. You can benefit from all of our learning experience so that you don’t take that long and repeat these same mistakes we made and get as irritated as we did.