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How to create a Content Marketing Strategy your Customers will love in 7 Steps

Content! Content! Content! A buzz floating in the prevailing digital marketing ambiance! These days, from each single aspect, initiating from the alphabet or the article “A” to the giant thesis, all embrace the CONTENT. 

Saturday March 04, 2017,

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Resourceful + engaging + enjoyable = Content

Content! Content! Content! A buzz floating in the prevailing digital marketing ambiance! These days, from each single aspect, initiating from the alphabet or the article “A” to the giant thesis, all embrace the CONTENT. And, the term “content marketing strategy” has evolved from the word ‘content’. Actually, it is the chain which starts with the content and ends at the content marketing strategy. And, the content is the most eloquent and prolific way to express one’s ideas and perceptions.

Content chain:

1. Content: The first step

2. Content Strategy: How to manage the content

3. Content Marketing: Promote it

4. Content Marketing Strategy: How to endorse it

Why the content marketing strategy has become the urge?

Content is the King! 90 OUT OF 100 individuals have already heard of this common aphorism. You know what… this saying has been transformed into- “The Content is the Kingdom”, with the time being. But, have you ever wondered why is it so? The content is a significant aspect, but why it has so much importance?

Here we are. Let us start with the beginning.

In 1980-90s, if you had to acquire any information, then you had to step out, either to a library or at some other place to gather the specific information. Why? Because, the world’s largest and eminent organizations like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were just lost somewhere beneath the scene.

But, how they are interlinked? Which information connects them? The answer is within the question… it’s the INFORMATION.

Having the stuff at your fingertips is something like a magical experience. Hey, can you help me out searching this thing! Yeah, sure. Google it! This can be heard often in the current ambiance. Here is the reason why the Content is the King! Just because it is the INFORMATION AGE.

This is the era where explaining anything with the help of the content has become the customary trend. And, for sure, by being transparent with the audience, you will undeniably attract more and more traffic to make them cognizant about your name and business.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”- Doug Kessler

What you need is just a passion to write and learn the right content. If your content is compelling enough to speak with the audience, then you are in the gold mine. Actually, this year is all about the content marketing.

Pillars to create Compelling Content Marketing Strategy:

1. Set your objectives:

Devising a proper strategy before stepping in the specific procedure is a symbol of astuteness and acumen. So, what do you want to accomplish from this dramatic inbound-lead growth?

• Increased membership sign ups

• Higher overall revenue

• Greater amount of social advocacy

Better you can adopt the SMART approach and determine the way how to handle the remaining steps in this plan.






Plus, the Budget… Consider it also as the important aspect of this content marketing strategy plan. So, set your budget and jump into this procedure further.

2. Establish the target audience of your content:

Find the accurate personas according to your business. Make a list of the questions and ask yourself, like:

i. What does the audience like?

ii. What are their areas of interest?

iii. How can you assist them in solving their problems?

iv. How can you best reach them?

v. How can you resist them at your website?

vi. What will be the possible reason, if they deny?

3. Determine the content type suited to your business:

After determining the type of the audience, now make the layout of your content. Analyze the market thoroughly and in harmony with it, initiate in the process of crafting the content’s blueprint. Make sure to include the relevant and indispensable keywords in your text so that it can drive maximum traffic.

Make your language so clear and stimulating, so that the customers get stuck to it for a long.

4. Go ahead with your content:

It’s the right time to kick off. Writing the content also embraces few steps. Is it??? Yes, let us discuss:

Craft the clickable headline: Is your headline the compelling? Does it clearly state what is in the content? It is very requisite to make your heading transparent so that it includes the core meaning of the content.

Include the core part in the content: Make your content worth readable and enjoyable to read. If the audience leaves it in the middle, then it will be the red flag for your business. So, be cautious.

Videos are the best alternative chunk. You can include video in your content, but make sure it should not be larger than 3 minutes.

5. Develop an editorial calendar:

It is the core of the content marketing strategy. It is actually a sort of a guide that manages all the content that your organization will be going to publish in that specific session. Like:

• Your organization’s marketing themes

• Industry events

• Decide on major content offerings

• Plan for content reuse

• Leverage the power of the content curation

• Encourage co-creation

6. Amplify the content, if required:

Creating the content is not enough. In some instances, you need to amplify it. You need to advertise your content and when the marketing comes, then social media is the foremost thing. It will help you out a great deal. Along with the social network, the alternative advertising channels can also be proved lucrative for the promotion. So, you can try your luck there also.

7. Measure, Modify, Rinse and Repeat:

Traversing through the whole process after the completion is very necessary to complete the whole process. Employ the analytic tools to keep track of your brand’s efforts and discover what works best and perfect for your specific needs. Are the case studies generating more engagement on Linkedin rather than on Twitter or at some other channel?

Wrapping it up

Content marketing strategy is the significant aspect of the digital marketing zone. But, to convert your customers into the clients, you have to, have to adopt the requisite and core steps to cognize your organization or to make the audience aware of your business throughout the world.