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How to optimize a website for voice user interface? Tricks and an overview!

How to optimize a website for voice user interface? Tricks and an overview!

Tuesday April 03, 2018,

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Voice Searches has resurfaced with momentum after a brief contemplation of whether it will stand its ground in the World Wide Internet. The conversation based searches with the help of Chatbots and Voice User Interfaces with a huge help from Artificial Intelligence has changed the way people look at the internet. Here’s what Voice searches do to sites, and an overview of how to optimize your site to suit voice searches!

Why do you optimize for search engines?


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Thes past few years have seen the most terrific innovations, which resulted in seamless interactions for the user. All the businesses and designers have one objective in common – to make the user fall in love with their site by providing seamless browsing with advance technology.

Optimizing their sites for search engines have been their primary motto as the first priority of people to look for services, shopping and information is through the search engines which resulted in the advancement of the online design pattern called SEO and SEM.


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How did voice search reach such popularity?


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The continued experiment and implementation of UX/UI designing with a newly formed algorithm have made voice searches gaining momentum in popularity for their time-saving formula, hence website owners and managers have to optimize their site for Voice searches as well.

Optimizing your site for Voice Search results from implementing a lot of factors such as Long-tail keywords, Conversion based information, FAQ's with Native Language inclusion and by designing the site as voice friendly and mobile-friendly.

The summarising popularity of Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple, Cortana by Microsoft and Ok Google by Google continue to change the lives of people as they make browsing way easier and helps them achieve their goals a great deal better. People prefer getting everything at the moment, and with the new innovations, they demand faster results in everything, since who would want to type 160 characters when you can just ask the machine that you want to download a movie.

Voice search optimization


source - https://goo.gl/8ZaBca

Voice Search optimizing involves observing on how a person would make the search when they speak, as it differs from typing. You must include simple conversational phrases in your content and the title or link, as it will help the crawlers to notch your site to match better with the voice search result.

Also, make sure your page is lighter in loading as people require faster results, even more so with voice searches. Optimizing your website is not going to be much difficult since all the sites are almost voice-friendly now and it’s easier to implement. For more info contact our Local SEO Expert

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