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On opting a career: To succeed you should choose a path...which no GOD can separate from you, even when you are dreaming.

My own story: After a lot of left, right, U, Y,  Z turns in my career (which is required to find our own passion), I came to a conclusion that questioning is essential. we, however, will reach our destination of our heart's content at some or the other point of our life. But there is a catch: Only when we do not stop questioning ourselves & the system! Is this is me?Is this is it? for what I am born for on this planet earth? Believe me, this question will lead you to the places you never thought of! Never settle for less than extraordinary! You have your own place.Don't take others.

On opting a career: To succeed you should choose a path...which no GOD can separate from you, even when you are dreaming.

Thursday May 25, 2017,

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To start my story ...I am a very common middle-class guy, ( Most people start with this sentence, just for your convenience. Don't fall for it. No one is a middle-class guy.Only their mindsets are.You are poor because you are not ambitious enough.As simple as that) 

I just don't want to talk about my achievements and plans. I am here to pass these questions to you(younger gen).So we together can end this centuries problems in this century itself.

I thought of sharing my approach I followed to build a problem solver/billionaire mindset.It all begins with

1)BELIEVING YOURSELF: I promised myself that I should definitely solve some of the world's most pressing problems before I leave this mother earth. I promised this to my own self. This initiated the change for everything( if for a playful guy like me.Why not you ?)

Be it 0water toilets, free energy generation, wireless electricity, Inventing Lightest & strongest material,Lie detector secret solution, A small table fan kind of wind turbine on every terrace to generate the individual household energy required, Efficient way to convert sea water into drinking water, rural internet connectivity at cheaper rates, using sand, air, water in multiple ways than we are using right now .

These are the projects we have to handle, Not the one which we do (Clients)

2)BUILDING THE MINDSET: Next question for me was how to build that mindset? When I had no family members of great CEO's, Leaders... It's clear that I should compete with better intellects than me to build a far better mindset levels. Then I searched google for student competitions, innovation competitions & explored that space ....Participating in international innovation competitions to strengthen my mission & vision 

Sites I often compete on: 





billionaire quotes/mindsets FB Group

Where... these sites have given me a global platform but this https://www.quora.com introduced me to the intellectual community ..where Googlers, Apple employees, social entrepreneurs, NASA scientists ...share their expert/experienced views on some important topic of their field which we would never know until we explore for some years.I came across different wonderful quotes while following leadership, productivity, entrepreneur channels in Quora

In inculcating the Mindset, I learned:

If You want to be a CEO then you should think like one, You want to follow leaders before you can become one.Start your idea today .It's going to be old if you postpone it...Checkout!! This might help you.

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late ...

And finally to the people ...who don't want to be in this and just make everyone happy by doing services.


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