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Four things you must know before buying GPS technology

Wednesday April 19, 2017,

2 min Read

There are numerous applications of GPS devices in various industries, this is currently the most compact navigation system you can have. Though there are many advantages of this technology, it is always better to know few points which can help you in getting the best GPS vehicle tracking system for your vehicle.

These 4 points will definitely help you make the final decision:

Passive vs Real-time tracking system:

In passive tracker system, the receiver will store all the data and this data will be downloaded by the server only when the vehicle returns to the headquarters at the end of the day. On the other hand, real-time GPS tracker continuously sends the data to the server, it uses satellite/ cellular modem for sending signals.


Many people may think that real-time tracker is costlier than the passive, but it's not true. Both are about the same price, a passive tracking system may cost you more due to its Wi-Fi infrastructure, which needs regular maintenance.

Alert & notification feature:

Real-time alerts are very important, but it can only be achieved with real-time GPS tracker, A passive tracker cannot provide this feature.


If a vehicle equipped with passive device meets with an accident and the unit is damaged, the possibility of losing the data increases as the data is not continuously transferred to the server. In real-time tracker, the last info, just before the accident is transmitted.

Select that GPS system which fulfills your requirements, go for the costliest only if you are really going to use all its features. Do some more research and consult those who are using this technology.