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The top 5 trends that will play a stellar role in cloud computing in 2017

The top 5 trends that will play a stellar role in cloud computing in 2017

Wednesday July 12, 2017,

4 min Read

2016 has been a path-breaking year for cloud computing with many business models, and companies driven by IT infrastructure management taking to the cloud in a big way. The trend is expected to continue into 2017 as well and with a greater intensity as organizations aim to use the power of the cloud to drive the core areas of their business.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the very basis of technology deployment. IT experts are of the opinion that by 2018, a major component of company budget will be reserved for cloud technology related features and systems. It is only a matter of time before cloud-based models will dominate systems and processes of almost all companies across diverse industries. Moving to the cloud will soon become the norm rather than the exception as entrepreneurs get convinced that cloud computing is not risky and is as safe as any other hosting systems if not more.

Based on past trends, experts have made certain predictions about the cloud computing trends that will gain popularity in 2017 and ahead.

Enhanced Usage Of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Much of the apprehension that online entrepreneurs had about the security aspect and performance factors of the cloud has been put to rest by the emergence of the hyper-converged cloud infrastructure. The demand for fast-paced growth among companies can be only fulfilled by using advanced technologies. It is clear that hyper-converged architecture is the future of cloud computing as it helps meet the key necessities such as scalability and affordability. Hyper-converged cloud infrastructure is ideal for work processes that need speed and automated scale-up and scale-out. Private cloud networks can use the platform for easy and effective implementations.

The Emergence And Acceptance Of Containers-as-a-Service

While this is a relatively new technology, it is gaining acceptance very fast among organizations. Using containers in congruence with virtual machines is an exciting idea that’s fast catching the imagination of enterprises. Containers could become the default technology of the future for advanced development of the cloud according to some experts. In fact, it can become the fastest growing delivery model in the public cloud and that too in the near future.

Use Of New Age Cloud Models

With the use of hybrid cloud system growing, migrating from one cloud to another is becoming easy and hassle free for organizations. Transition from public cloud to private cloud and vice-versa can be done easier than before using these technologies. The growing elasticity of the cloud can benefit companies as they can use migration solutions for managing their operations better.

Regional Players Will Get More Global Opportunities

The global public cloud market is growing at a frenetic pace. With the market size growing, there will be a growing demand for quality service providers. This will ensure that regional players in the cloud computing niche will get more business opportunities. They will be able to offer customizable cloud computing solutions to organizations having their unique compute and processing requirements. It is being predicted that Asia-based cloud computing services have the best opportunity to capitalize on the market situation and close the demand-supply gap more effectively.

The Growing Influence Of Cloud Service Brokers And Further Development Of Cloud Management Platform

Research shows that most industries experiment with various types of cloud computing technologies. They do this to meet the various operational demands of their business. These clouds are deployed across multiple providers and include a mix of those in the production situation and test areas.

The intent of using multiple cloud technologies is to ensure high efficiency and also to mitigate risk elements.

In 2017, IT experts expect companies to make use of the newer and emerging IT technologies and adopt sophisticated cloud management platforms and services. There are multiple developments happening on the cloud computing industry. Ground breaking technologies and tools are expected to make their presence felt within the next few years. It will obviously work to the advantage of enterprises using cloud technology to drive their business to the next level. Experts also predict the emergence of cloud service broker. They can help companies determine the best approach to cloud management and also suggest technologies that would give enterprises greater control over critical operations and enhanced security levels.