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What happens to you 

Sunday January 15, 2017,

4 min Read

Honestly ,I had no idea that I would write the story of my fortune ..there it goes ,.off my mind as deep in my heart there was this urge to tell that Stroke is nothing but a bed or roses ,. For that matter ,any disease . .....So in the last week of Feb 2012 ,I was down with Stroke in a private hospital . Nothing to report except that hospitals do every thing to leave the relatives on the tenterhook,..

Mind you I was smoker ,.so you can imagine the havoc it must have caused in the minds . Every body I saw in those days was having a bent like expression ,cause I was doing Yoga prior to this incident and post the same ,I started ,albeit after 2 years ,,.. So what is that ,I did ,that other before me did not know or did not care ,.. 

The First 2 months assisted by the 2 people :  It went smoothly ,. I remember that it took exactly 19 days before the first guy said 'Hi ,You dont need any help ,. " The fact is counting 1,2.3 ,he made me stand ,. At first just 1,2 and 3 and down I would go /I would go and then ...came the count up to cont 500 ,. The other guy who was an Assamese was a physiotherapist ,. It was a beautiful experience ,.every day I would look for him ,. From the walker that one had to use to move to climbing the stairs ,to going to the beach and to my parents ,.It was climb ,.about 22 steps . I forgot completely the changes i had done to my physical self as I went ; where ever my feet dragged me.

So what did I do: Mind you ,the Internet is heavily influenced by the West ,.I have nothing against it except that they choose to exercise the body physically and do not dwell upon the mind . In the case of stroke ,precisely the mind plays the game ,. If the Mind tells you everything is ....... or ......... In stroke ,this ...... or ....... plays a paramount deal ,. You may so ,. fine ,what is the big deal ,. mind does the same thing to everybody ;But in case of stroke ,the first 2 or 4 or 6 months make quickest recovery . After that recovery is slow , a bit slow in the 2nd and painfully slow in the 3rd year , finally slowing off to a point that you dont notice ,.. So the mind has to be positive in its bearings ,. Again the issue :As the caregivers are in a state of shock and you are expected to be in state of eternal sadness , how does the mind move ,.. In this , The West does not know the left hand from the right hand ,. The food that i ate was a 100% vegetarian and following my wife's advice ,it was only Ayurvedha ,. This improved my mind acting as a catalyst . I am no Doc yet When I met my Doctors ,they were shocked to say the least ..

Now I come to this point : Food -Mind -one naturally is pushed towards the yoga and from that one ,.one discover's the spirituality ,. I ,for right reasons was not a fit candidate for the following reasons: Smoker 22 yeas , habitual drinker, being fluent in French and Italian ,I had been to known to stay to whom so ever ,. That the rays of information (from a kind of Sun) come from the west and hence West has got the answers ,.while we will rumble with the questions ,. thanks to the so called Stroke ,it could termed as as an incident or an accident ,I got change in my self ,. A kind of 360 Degree and it has been worth it ,. Thanks to the fact these 5 years ,it has moved like the way we say "Swoosh" It is in the mind.

I am going to bore with neither to the Yoga poses nor towards the spirituality ,.as every body finds in one way or the other ,. It is with reference to Stoke ,i had to share ,. the rest as they say :five seconds of fame

Ps:I forgot to add : I am working ,earning my bread and butter ,. sorry if you thought other wise