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5 best apps that will keep your boredom at bay!

Mobile apps will continue to dominate the technology space in 2017. Here is the compilation of best apps that are not only amazing but will also help you in your everyday life! 

Wednesday September 06, 2017,

4 min Read

Mobile apps are and have been one of the hottest topics. “There is an app for that”, how many times have you heard people saying this phrase? Mobile apps have become the lifeline for smartphone owners with an application for almost everything!

From an app that reminds you to exercise or drink water to an app that’ll help you save some bucks while spending that hard earned money to cool apps that can help you keep your boredom at bay, the internet is full of amazing apps for all different purposes.

Mobile apps have almost taken over every category from gaming, news, vacation planning, lifestyle, social networking, and online shopping to productivity. The importance of innovative applications in our everyday life and activities is undeniably unending.

With the world turning digital, it’s time that we leave our old-school habits and move in pace with the world! Make full use of the goddam smart phone of yours and download cools apps that will help you keep hooked and pass time when you feel bored or have to plan a vacation or want to get help to save money.

So, here we have compiled a list of wonderful apps which are amazing and will help you declutter your life and reduce some stress:

1) Kobo – Reading app

Mobile apps have infiltrated every aspect of our lives and reading is no exception! A shout out to all the ardent literature fans out there, now you can carry a global library in your back pocket with Kobo Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows app.

This app is a portable delight if you love to read books anywhere and anytime and can easily substitute the price of thousands of books with easy monthly subscriptions while making your life cost-effective. They have a plethora of over 3.5 million books of varied languages to choose from most of which are either free or priced at a reasonable rate.

Download and get yourself lost in the stories of writers and poets with just a few taps.

2) I can’t wake up – Alarm App

Having trouble waking up early? How many times do you hit that snooze button before you actually drive out of your slumber? Well, here is an innovative I can’t wake up alarm app which has amazing wake-up puzzles or games instead of that snooze option. Now play memory games or solve math equation for that alarm to stop and be wide awake easily! How’s the idea?

3) 2048 – Gaming app

Getting bored? Kill your time playing this amazing game which is kinda cool workout for your brain. A challenging number puzzle where the objective is simple, just swipe the tiles to add the two tiles with the same number till you get the 2048 tile.

Perk up folks, get ready to test your skills! Keep your elementary math in mind and try not to get out of the game!

4) Google Translate – Translate app

Are you a travel junkie? Then the google translate app is just for you! Now, easily translate signboards to spoken words immediately anywhere, anytime. The app offers a 2-way translation between a massive 90 languages and also have automatic speech translation in over 40 languages. Put that camera to use to translate text, sign boards just at one tap!

5) Tender – Food app

Food lovers make your smartphone your best friend with this amazing tender app where foodies from all over the world can interact over a common platform to give each other a gastronomical pleasure. Howzatt? Nothing can be more amazing than this! Simply swipe beautiful and tempting photos of food, save and get recipes.

So, don’t waste time anymore all the ardent app lovers out there! Be armed with all these cool apps right away!