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Meet the man who did not give up despite failing at entrepreneurship twice

This story is about how a man started his first venture, worked day and night and failed twice before launching his product. It's pretty amazing...

Tuesday May 17, 2016,

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Entrepreneurship is not easy, when we start something we all think that we will reach the top. To become an entrepreneur you have to sacrifice lots of things.

"Don't ever think of getting a job, think about how you can create jobs for others"

I am Vikender Choudhary, I have failed twice and lost all my money. Now I am working on my second startup.

Everytime I fail, my love for innovation increases. It is this love that is giving me the confidence to start on my new venture. I started my company at the age of 22, it was most amazing thing after I dropped out of college. Yes, i am a final year dropout and I can say it was my best decision to date.

I started it just because I wanted to start something of my own. It was my first venture and I called it Chitru "beyond the imagination". I started it with four other friends. It was an app and web-based social network with lots of new things and features, which made it different from other such social networks.

When I was starting this, I had no money. So we decided that while doing this we had to work on other things for survival.

In my company "NVC Software Pvt Ltd" I did a lot of diverse work like data processing and researching among other things. But with lots of things you can not focus on original work, one day I began to question what I was doing. The next day I stopped doing other work and started work on my innovation. 

We worked on it for about three months with my friends. We first designed it on paper and after three months of day and night work, it was ready to go in developing phase. I decided to outsource this project and lots of companies to try and make an affordable deal. Finally I found a company to outsource the product. 

From the first day I was working on this product day and night. I was meeting developers on a weekly basis. I gave it my best my best, working alone at night at my office. But the product was not coming up according to my vision, I kept pushing them and gave them motivating talks many times, but nothing was working. Finally we crossed our launching date.

 I had several meetings with the developers but nothing was happening. I began to feel depressed.

It was already December and I had no money for survival. I was sitting in my office @ 06:00 PM and received a call from the owner of the company saying they could not develop the product. I cut the call, my eyes full of tears because this had been my dream and I lost all my money on this. I wondered how I would survive. I tried to persuade them to start again but they refused. 

In my company no one was from tech, due to which the outsourced company fooled me into believing they were working when they weren't. 

It was my first failure

What I learned:- If you are working on something, you should be perfect in all domains. If you are not good in all the areas find co-founders. Don't work as a single founder.

After that, I was broken. I was thinking what should I do. Should I quit or not? I had a well paying job at the time and I wondered if I should just focus on that instead. Due to this venture I had a loan and now I was paying EMI from salary. It was really tough for me.

But my heart was telling me I should try again. It was amazing time for learning and I should move on. I felt that I had enjoyed this phase and learned things that I couldn't have learned anywhere else. I wanted to restart this. The question was how?

According to me hard situations are much better than easier ones when we are aiming high

So I quit my job again in January, I was thinking of how I would repay my loan, how would I survive without a job and would I make a product without any money. I talked to my friend and he suggest that his friend, an android coder, could do this. I spoke to him and discussed everything, he was in Bangalore and I was in Delhi. He loved the idea and said yes he would do it. 

He started work while I drew out plans for implementation. In the beginning everything was going well. We spoke every evening and discussed all topics. But there was a gap which I couldn't see that time. After some time i witnessed the worst day of my life.The coder said he had no time and that he wanted to quit.

 It was my 2nd failure

What I learned:- Your core team should work together at one place, you cannot handle everything remotely. Distance was the main reason for this failure.

It was my first venture, I tried but I couldn't launch it. 

By keeping the experience in my mind, i am now working on my second venture. 

I have no fear because i know what failure feels like. I am ready to work hard again, I know one day I'll get the reward of my hard work.

Guys, always be positive, make a backup plan but don't think negatively, if you don't have the knowledge about something try to learn. 

I only want to say that every time you open your eyes, you should analyze every thing happening in the world. Try to innovate something, try to create something new.

If you are finding co-founders, please find passionate people, because passion is a must to create anything. 

"You can hire technology, but you cannot hire passion"

I think this article will help you, if you have any question and want discuss something please comment below.


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