21 free startup resources for online marketing

    Explore 21 Free Startup Resources that will make you a better Online Marketer.

    3rd Aug 2017
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    When you decide to startup something of your own, you do everything to make it successful. From finding investors to finding customers, there are a lot things that you need to manage. 

    Online Marketing is a very important part of any Marketing plan. With these 21 super cool Free Startup Resources, you would easily succeed in doing your startup's Online Marketing.

    Content Marketing Tools-

    1. SEMRush

    With SEMRush, find the most suited keyword for your next viral content. Finding a right longtail keyword is a very important for any Content Marketing Strategy. SEMRush has every feature that is needed for creating any type of content according to your niche.

    2. Ahrefs

    Another powerful tool for Keyword research, Ahrefs gives you many features that are required for content creation. Although the tool is not free but it does provide a free trial of 14-days.

    3. Content Idea Generator

    A tool that will help you when you are in no mood of thinking about a new content topic. A simple tool that will allow you to find different ideas for your next post. Just answer some questions and it will automatically generate ideas accordingly.

    Visual Marketing Tools-

    4. Canva

    The coolest and the simplest tool for great visual marketing strategy. Canva provides many features for designing like infographics, logos, book covers, etc. The best part of Canva is that it's free and really very easy to use, you don't need any prior knowledge of designing at all.

    5. PicMonkey

    Another useful tool for your visual marketing strategy. There are many features available for editing images like adding filters, frames, text, effects, etc.

    6. Pixabay

    When you are creating a visual marketing strategy for your website/blog, you need to keep in mind about using only copyright free images. Pixabay is the ultimate directory of copyright free images. There are over 1,050,000 images available free in Pixabay.

    Email Marketing-

    7. MailChimp

    If you have any knowledge of email marketing, you must have heard about MailChimp. It is the best email marketing tool available. In it's free version it allows you to add 2,000 subscribers.

    8. Puts Mail

    Another popular email marketing client. Puts Mail allows you to test in real time your HTML emails for new campaigns, newsletters and others before sending them.

    9. HelloBar

    The first thing anything that anyone needs to do before creating an email campaign is a lot of subscribers. HelloBar is the best way of getting more subscribers as your blog readers.

    Competitive Analysis Tools-

    10. Spyfu

    A free tool to keep a check on your competitor's activities like their PPC & SEO strategies. Moreover you can also know the keywords you competitor websites rank for.

    11. Alexa

    Mostly used for knowing a website's ranking all over the world but a great competitor analysis tool. Alexa is the best way to know you competitors most powerful keywords, backlinks and much more.

    12. SimilarWeb

    This tool is also a great way of checking your website's ranking but you can also use it for knowing about how your competitor is gaining most of it's audience, 

    13. BuzzSumo

    Social Media is a great way of getting more traffic, with BuzzSumo know about your competitor's most viral content over social media. Although the tool is not free but you can still use some of it's features in the free version as well.

    Social Media Management Tools-

    14. Buffer

    With Buffer schedule you posts, tweets and other contents to get automatically posted on your social media pages. 

    15. Hootsuite

    Like Buffer, Hootsuite is another tool for scheduling your social media activities. It saves a lot of time of entrepreneurs in social media marketing.

    16. TweetDeck

    Twitter's social media management dashboard for getting all your twitter stuffs at one place. With TweetDeck you can easily see all the notifications, tweets, messages, etc at one place.

    Other Useful Resources for Free Online Marketing-

    17. Bit.ly

    Shorten up your links to write as more as possible in your tweets or posts. Easy to use and forever free.

    18. IFTTT

    IFTTT helps you do more with the services you love. Connect Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Fitbit, Slack, Skype, and hundreds more.

    19. Google Trends

    Know what's trending around with Google Trends. Moreover Trends can help in a lot more , you can easily do a effective Keyword research with Google Trends.

    20. The iStartup

    Your all in one virtual marketing assistant's team. With The iStartup you get a team of experts who will manage your startup's online marketing free for one month.

    21. Social Mention

    Social Mention is a real time search platform that searches for user generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, etc.

    Free Online Marketing Tools for Startups.

    Free Online Marketing Tools for Startups.

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