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In a span of just one year, how LegalRaasta managed to assist more than 20k+ individuals and SMEs?

Simplify your legal journey with the help of experts.

In a span of just one year, how LegalRaasta managed to

assist more than 20k+ individuals and SMEs?

Friday November 25, 2016,

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LegalRaasta Team celebrating Diwali 

LegalRaasta Team celebrating Diwali 

Mark Twain once said, 'The secret of getting ahead is getting started.' True, but quite difficult to implement in real life. The resistance is not due to the lack of ideas, but due to the lack of knowledge. A lot of people dream to start their own business, many even have some great propositions, but only a few of them know how or where to start from. Some dreams never get the right path, the right acknowledgement and end up being just a figment of someone's imagination. The few who know where to start from faces complications like finance and legalities. They know what to do, but they often don't know how.

To help these promising minds, LegalRaasta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established. Born with a simple mission of helping people with their legal and financial mess just a year back. The company works on simple ground rules by providing its clients with online legal services. Their online platform, legalraasta.com, was thus formed. Since its start, it is dead set on providing startups and small business owners with legal solutions related to the establishment and running of a business.

So, how is LegalRaasta helping people?

Marie Forleo once said, “Never start a business just to make money; start a business to make a difference." Based on a similar principle, the team is committed to providing a one-stop solution to their clients through their web portal. The firm understands the complexity and confusion related to the creation and management of a business. The team consists of experienced professionals and help their customers to get all their legal/financial work done as swiftly and as easily as possible.

The team works meticulously to provide their customers with all the legal, financial and government forms at one place in the most simplified version. Thus, saving time and loads of energy of customers.

How has LegalRaasta managed to do so?

The company managed to raise an angel funding of $1 million in the month of April’16. The amount was raised from HNIs Pravin Khandelwal and Yatin Kumar. Awesome, right? Just one year since its inception, and the company has already started hitting big.

The firm assists customers with services like registering/forming a company, getting copyrights and/or trademarks, various licenses (like FSSAI, ISO), filing tax returns, and getting different registrations (like IEC registration, service tax registration and so on).

This not only saves time but also a lot of money, which otherwise is wasted on expensive CAs and unknown legal procedures. LegalRaasta literally rescues its customers from such a hefty and tedious process.

With its fifty plus services, a nominal fee, dedicated team and an appreciable vision, the company already has a loyal customer database of 2.5k customers. The company plans to increase its size and services in the not so distant future. With the revenue of the company growing by 40% every month and with the graph of customer database and satisfaction going consistently up, the company sees a bright future.

Finally, how did the company handled such a big number of customers?

Well apart from the hard work and dedication, the company did things according to their customers need. The company not only provides a large number of services at one single place but manages to do so at a nominal fee. Being cost-effective and approachable helped their cause to a great extent.

The company stays with its client from the time they get connected to it until each document is filled and filed. Apart from all the services, registrations, legal and financial solutions, the company has made it a point to become completely reliable.

To do so, the company has registered itself an intermediary with the Government. It has also partnered with experienced accountants and professionals to provide the best possible solutions.

The quick and automated process has come as a boon for the 25k+ individuals and small level enterprises associated with the company. The company hopes to increase this number and help as many as possible.