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Lipstick under the burkha or ghoonghat

Lipstick under the burkha or ghoonghat

Wednesday July 19, 2017,

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Life is all about exploring and seeking every moment to stand out. But, when our system creates a "parda" between the dreams and our lives ,then comes the time to wear your "lipstick under the burkha" or ghoonghat. Yes, I am talking about the latest ladies crush in B-town that everyone is talking about. The movie "lipstick under my burkha" which taking everyone's ears to notice. Caged gulabi tribeWell, there have been many revolutionary moves to let our "pink clan" or as I name them "the gulabi tribe" to,take steps to pave there ways to the road of their dreams. 

There have been afcourse many to criticise when implemented. But, have you ever thought that why is it that we being one of the tribe feel caged in the restrictions so much that it becomes difficult to make a free space to breathe. Even wearing a lipstick makes us feel ,doing a thing equivalent to climbing an Everest. Why do we heed to hide it? Colouring your own lips red is not murdering. Playing with the sticky wicketsOur talent is ours. So,why to keep it under a ghoonghat or a burkha just to satisfy our society. Your wish is yours and nobody can fulfill it but you yourself. The beautiful eyes behind those dark curtain find there way to those sticky wickets. It's my life"I don't wish to go out today.." " I will not serve breakfast.." "I wanna go for movie alone.." and many more such flying thoughts occupy each one of you,everyday. And why not ? It's your right to feel it that way. Keeping the lill fragile Madame Moiselle inside you crumbled in her thoughts will never let her fly. Taking her own decisionsIn our social spaces we have endless remark givers and our tribe is definitely effected by the same. 

Here posting your pregnant pictures on social sites, not putting sindoor, talking about sex before marriage,having periods(that's pathetic), marriage at the right time( I didn't get what the right time for getting married is), is all a Taboo for the gulabis. It's not surprising that men don't have to wear a burkha or put sindoor to proove their gender. Take your own decisions and follow your heart. Dil chahta haiYes, "dil chahta hai toh kyun na karein"Why that fear of being condemned or criticised is always circulating in our blood vessels. Come on, this is one life and that too is wasted with the social boundaries then, regretting will only be the solution. Stories will inspire but efforts are your. Sky is the limit but wings are your. Gear up! One day all the eyes peeping from the windows to breathe for a while will definitely stop to tell you that you were right.So, it's time to lift up the "Burkha/ghoonghat" put on your favorite lipstick and kill it. Lipsticks are powerful and so are you. Which shade are you choosing today?Say chees say cheers!"


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