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5 best royalty-free music websites of 2020

The speed of the modern world digitalization is amazing. Video content becomes an integral part of any marketing campaign and every product requires appropriate design today.

5 best royalty-free music websites of 2020

Monday February 24, 2020,

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The speed of the modern world digitalization is amazing. Video content becomes an integral part of any marketing campaign and every product requires appropriate design today. The existing competition dictates its own rules and today useful features are no longer the winning card for your product. If you want the user to choose your product, you need to serve it correctly. It is in such conditions that entrepreneurs come up with ideas of ​​how to make their product or content more enjoyable, unique and memorable. And music stands out as a useful method.

True music can induce our feelings and create enjoyable associations. Fortunately, you don’t need to mess with mega-corporations that own the rights to literally everything you hear. There are many platforms providing access to extensive libraries of royalty free music. And although most of them store frankly low-quality works, we have collected the 5 best sites where you can find what you need. But first, let's clarify what royalty-free music is.

Royalty-free music

First of all, royalty-free music is not completely free. It often has unlimited use. However, you still have to buy it if you want to use it. But the main thing is that such music does not require any additional rewarding to the composer, publisher or performer. In short - you bought the track once and it’s all yours.

Let’s consider an example. You purchased a song for your review of a new smartphone. You paid for the track once and it didn’t matter how many people would watch the video - one person or a million. That's why such music is a real helper to any marketer or entrepreneur who wants to give his product a musical soul. It is also an ideal option for startups.

And now, without further ado, let's move on to the 5 best sites where you can purchase any tracks and sounds you wish.


Taketones is a universal platform where anyone can find what they need. The extensive library of tracks is regularly updated, so it may seem like a huge ocean with no chance to find what you were looking for. However, the site’s search engine is just perfect. You can fine-tune your search without wasting your time browsing inappropriate songs. Comfort and convenience are the strengths of Taketones.

The platform offers 4 commercial licenses, as well as Creative Commons one. A subscription plan will grant you unlimited downloads. The uniqueness and degree of the music will please even the pickiest listener. Putting together all the above, we can confidently say that, having first visited the site, you will have the necessary music in 5 minutes. 


There is an amazing choice of music material on Jamendo, but they are also famous for their commitment to rewarding authors and artists. The resource allows entrepreneurs to find music, depending on the direction it will be applied. Looking for a high-quality track for crazy advertising video? You are welcome! Trying to find out some great accompaniment for your new YT video? No problems! 

The standard license cost starts from $49.


Being a branch of the well-known Shutterstock, PremiumBeat is, first of all, a very convenient site that is not overflowed with unnecessary information. The platform promises its visitors a library created by the hard work of music experts. All music is conveniently divided into the music chosen by these experts, as well as the trending tracks and new releases. The search bar includes the most detailed information, including the necessary mood of the tracks.

For $49, you will get a non-commercial license. Having paid $199 you will obtain access to a library of tracks with future commercial purposes. 


What distinguishes this platform is that all the material on it is the product of one person. Bensound is a platform introducing hundreds of amazing tracks written by composer Benjamin Tissot. Ben's work is presented worldwide in all kinds of products, starting with animation or advertising and ending with short and documentary movies. The search function on Bensound is truly convenient, and his music is the best fit for all kinds of content. 

The most important thing is that all the material from the site is actually free if you ready to provide a link to the source. If you don't want to mess with links, then for $129 you will get a year of free downloads.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a convenient place to find spectacular music and sounds. They have a simple search bar, making it easy to find the right accompaniment for any video. Epidemic Sound solves the issue of licenses, gathering all the necessary legal permissions into a simple license that you can use on all platforms. While other sites will require additional reports on commercial use, Epidemic Sound collects all necessary legal rights into one convenient license.

You can find all information regarding the commercial plan, single track license and YouTube subscriptions in the corresponding section of the site.

Summing Up

Great music has never been so available. Perhaps, of all the amenities that a modern digital market offers, accessible music is one of the best. Think about the fact that 15 years ago you would have had to look for an author in order to get a simple musical accompaniment for your application, site or video. It’s good to know that the right music can be acquired in a few clicks today. This expands the existing boundaries and allows entrepreneurs to skillfully combine various content in an attempt to attract new users. And no less important, this allows hitherto unknown authors to post their work online and receive income.