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5 Ways to Increase Followers in LinkedIn Instantly

Here is the list of ways that would help you to increase the number of followers in LinkedIn. These ways are used and tested to effectively work for anybody who applies it.

5 Ways to Increase Followers in LinkedIn Instantly

Wednesday November 20, 2019,

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5 Ways to Increase Followers in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. It provides individuals to socialize with other professionals in the platform. The best advantage of using LinkedIn is, a lower-level employee can get connected to a chief executive of a company if he wishes to. This is not a big deal and does not have any big process to follow and this feature has become a real game-changer for all the professionals. The number of followers on LinkedIn is the most essential part of using this professional platform. The more you interact and share knowledge through this platform, the more will be the followers trying to get connected and make use of the available information through your LinkedIn posts.  

Increasing your followers on LinkedIn is one of the toughest tasks

There are many ways which are followed by many people on the platform who indulge in all giving false promises and trap the job seekers and make them followers. But getting genuine followers is the toughest task in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has several purposes according to the individual who uses it. It paves the way for job seekers to land in a job. It helps a company in marketing using paid promotions which allows them to pay and promote their company and grab customers. Next comes the freelancers who get projects at regular intervals if the platform is used in the right way.


Ways that help you to increase the number of followers on LinkedIn and make the most of the platform.


1. Update Posts Regularly.

2. Share your View through Comments.

3. Follow a Genuine Influencer.

4. Write an Article.

5. Get Social and Help


1. Update Posts Regularly – Everybody has strengths. It is good to stick to that one topic that you are familiar with and expert at. This helps your followers to get enlightened by your thoughts which you portray through your regular posts. Make this a routine so that your followers would be waiting for your posts to learn and gain knowledge out of it. This is one best way that will help you gain unique followers regularly.


2. Comment your Views – When you come across a post the inspires you, it is good to share your view through a comment. This not only will have your POV but also will help others find a different perspective of that post through your comment. This is one way where people who are likeminded as yours will get connected to you.


3. Follow a Genuine Influencer – It is hard to find genuine LinkedIn influencers. But when you find one in your industry it is wise to follow them and check out their recent posts and articles to get a piece of their knowledge. One best way is to use the influencers is to tag them in places where you think their view can help you professionally. This will help you increase the number of followers. The influencer's followers will also be motivated simultaneously by your post and will turn up as your followers. 


4. Write an Article – On a regular interval, it is necessary to write an article to get the traction going into your LinkedIn account. The article must be your piece which will help your followers to gain some knowledge out of it. Let not the size of the article bother you. The main aim is to publish an article with worthy content to read. Your readers will gradually change into followers. This also tops the way to increase followers in LinkedIn


5. Get Social and Help – When you know you are in the right place to help your LinkedIn community you have to start it without any hesitation. When you start helping your fellow followers who search for jobs you are doing a greater work for the community. This is mainly done to give back to the community who has backed you up with motivation through their likes, comments, and shares.


To conclude it is good to know the purpose of increasing the number of followers. If you find your purpose does not benefit your followers in any way you should not try doing all these. Always remember the thumb rule that LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL platform.

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