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5 Digital Marketing Tips by Chintan Padmani to Stay Ahead in 2020

By Neha Kapoor|14th Jan 2020
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The era has changed completely and day by day it’s becoming difficult for marketers to stay ahead of competitors. Digital marketing as all know is a quick, dynamic landscape. Those who are trying to stay ahead of competitors must keep themselves updated with latest trends, technologies as well as strategies.


Below given are some digital marketing tips shared by Chintan Padmani that you can follow to help your business stay ahead of the competition in 2020.

Let’s have a look

  • Be a Strategist this Year

There are many business owners who won’t be able to shape the tactics of the digital campaigns in a proper manner. They can create content, post a blog, can make use of social media etc. However, the issue is they don’t create a precise plan which is not a good means to manage digital marketing. Strategy creation can enhance your results and can save much time too. 

So, you need to:

  • Set precise objectives that you wish to accomplish in a specific time. Wondering, why? This will enable you to concentrate on what’s much important as well as help you to choose what kind of content to make so as to accomplish those objectives. 
  • Know your audience well and understand what they really like as well as what kind of content they generally prefer. 
  • Pick your communication channels like where you will love to share the content? 
  • Plan content, make an editorial agenda for the content.
  • Determine who will actually manage campaign.

  • Create Better More Consistent Customer Experience

It's not only the digital platforms that are changing as well as evolving; however, customers too. The most significant change occurring right now is that individuals expect a better experience. They expect consistent experiences simply by bouncing between platforms. It simply means they need to have the option to pose an inquiry via Twitter, proceed with the conversation through email as well as rapidly retrieve the data required.

So, what you can do? 

Think about chat-bot- more than 2 billion messages every month are passed among organizations and private individuals by means of Messenger on Facebook. Majority of customers choose this kind of communication channel in order to converse with organizations and for asking questions. This will surely create a good experience for your clients and for you too. 

  • Add the option of live chat to the site: the best thing is that currently, live chat is accessible for big, medium as well as small organizations. 
  • Make the greater part of marketing automation: In case if you are the one who is already utilizing marketing automation then you are, no doubt, on the correct track. However, if not then you can get started with the same. 
  • Make use of marketing automation not only to save time; however, to give better as well as targeted content that your customers need. 

  • Choosing the Right Channels 

Social media as everyone knows is one of the leasing and ideal means to reach large number of audiences today. As everyone now has access to different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and so on. The thought is for all businesses to focus on the correct platform their clients are utilizing. Every people love to share as well as comment which actually measures the achievement of campaign. 

Undoubtedly, Email is also an ideal means for sharing content marketing. Furthermore, can be utilized effectively for B2B marketing. 

  • Increase your Video Marketing Budget

Increase the budget of video marketing this year since it will benefit you only. Generally, every kind of video work quite well both regarding engagement as well as lead generation. Moreover, it is easily accessible as you really don’t need to lease any studio in order to create your movies.

There are numerous tools that anyone can utilize easily for creating animated and regular movies right from the very beginning. Also, you don’t require any experience of editing or design to accumulate it. This year, consider sharing video content on the blogs that you post, YouTube channel, make video material for social accounts, Instagram video stories.

  • Know Yourself but Know Your Competitors Better

Identify your possibilities and characterize your needs accordingly. Defining the identity of your brand will not only help you in attracting qualified clients but also summon trust into the minds of your customers about your brand. Brand name, as all know is a guarantee to deliver best to the customers. Build a big team of players that are quite necessary for the development as well as the accomplishment of the digital marketing campaign. 

Additionally, keep a nearby look at the competitors. Make your rivals weakness your strength. Continually compare yourself with the rivals in order to analyse as well as enhance your performance. But, don’t begin replicating them. 


Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and it helped you in knowing more about the digital marketing tips to stay head in 2020. The above-given tips will surely help you to remain ahead of your competitors.